Soft combinations for contrasting eye makeup (perfect after 40)

Soft combinations for contrasting eye makeup (perfect after 40)

Contrasting eye makeup is a very successful trend in recent months: can we take it even to 40 years of age?

Obviously the answer is yes, because there is always the right way to decline a trend based on your personal taste and age.

eye makeup contrast colors


Before understanding how to make it suitable for us, however, let’s try to understand what is meant by contrasting makeup?

It is about a make-up based on the combination of very contrasting colors between them, that is extremely different and very bright.

The play of colors can be achieved either by using exclusively the eye make-up space or by including lip make-up within the equation.

This last case, however, is rather extreme: combining an important lip make-up with a very colorful eye make-up could really turn out to be “too much”, especially for adult women.

From a certain age onwards, in fact, women prefer a very classic eye make-up, with neutral colors and not too bright.

For this reason, if you want to be daring with color, our advice is to focus on the eyes by opting for a very neutral lip makeup.

All the winning combinations for perfect contrasting eye makeup after 40

When we make an eye make-up we must take into account two fundamental elements. The first is the skin colour (formed by tone and undertone) while the second is the eyes colour.

soft colored eye make-up


Of course there are colors that enhance dark eyes, as the green and purple And colors that enhance cold eyes as the orange and pink.

As you can easily guess, they are the complementary colors that make your eye color stand out: for this reason, orange and copper illuminate the green and blue of the irises.

When it comes to designing eye makeup based on color contrasts you don’t necessarily have to exclude black, as it remains an exceptional tool to give depth and charm to the look. The important is combine it in a non-obvious way it’s a lot graphics.

As for the skin undertone, you should always choose colors that are in harmony with it, therefore: warm colors like yellow, orange and fuchsia for a warm undertone And Cold colours like light blue and cold brown for a cold undertone.

THE “middle” colors as the green and purple they are formed by the combination of a warm color and a cold color (yellow and blue in the case of green, red and blue in the case of purple), so they can easily adapt to any type of undertone.

As for the texture and finish of the eyeshadows to use for this type of eye makeup, our advice is opt for eyeshadows with a very fine texture and from finish matte.

This way you can easily create homogeneous shades with a watercolor effect, more suitable for creating a soft and not too aggressive look. Of course it is also possible to use shimmer eyeshadows, therefore with a very bright finish, but to obtain a refined look, the ideal would be to use very little and only in the center of the mobile eyelid, to give brightness to the look without weighing down the look.

40 years old colorful eye makeup


A really interesting technique to create a high contrast eye make-up is tocombine a very intense color with very classic and neutral colors.

A classic example is the create a reverse cat eye (here we explain how to do it and who is fine) using a striking and very eye-catching color, in contrast to the more neutral and delicate colors used for the mobile eyelid.

This will create an eccentric and sophisticated look, certainly flashy but not too much. Especially using the gray, black, pink, brown and peach as a basis you can indulge in the creation of many different make-up.

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