Solange, the farewell of Patrizia Groppelli: "Where were we when you needed it?"


Patrizia Groppelli comments on Instagram about Solange's disappearance: "Where were we when you needed it?"

Farewell to Solange, from Caterina Balivo to Luxuria: the greeting of the VIPs

Patrizia Groppelli remembers Solange with a touching post on Instagram after her disappearance. Psychic and TV personality, Paolo Bucinelli passed away at 68. The firefighters and 118 operators who intervened, entering his home, after Solange had not answered calls from friends for days, found the body.

The news of the psychic's death took many characters from the entertainment world by surprise, from Divino Otelma to Caterina Balivo. Patrizia Groppelli, a columnist in Barbara D’Urso's shows and companion of Alessandro Sallusti, also remembers him. “This is a sad story, very sad and for me too! – he wrote – I'm not saying that he and I were friends, but we knew each other quite well, I also have some photos with him but I don't publish them only and solely because it wouldn't make sense! He died alone – he revealed -, they found him after a few days, sad story! I feel sad too, because this summer he called me he wanted to visit us, but then it didn't happen! He was Solange, he was a special person and that "then" was not a right choice! If he had been the Solange of the past, he would have come to our house, if he had been the Solange of the past, they would not have found him after so many days asleep forever on the sofa at home: alone! Ps bad and sad story is the popularity that no longer exists! Sorry Solange it's just our fault! It's also the fault of those who will post souvenir photos with you from today: where were they when you needed them? And where was I? ”.

Born in 1952, Solange – real name Paolo Bucinelli – had studied Pedagogy at the University of Florence. Shortly after he began his career, including theater, books and poetry. “He did not suffer from any pathology – Dario Ballantini, a friend of his for several years, revealed to Corriere della Sera – and for everyone it was a death that was not only very painful but unexpected. A friend told me that a few days earlier he had gone to be examined at the hospital because he had fainted. But they told him it had been a glycemic drop and sent him home ”.

Solange, the touching post by Patrizia Groppelli

Solange, the touching post by Patrizia Groppelli

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