Solid shampoo: what it is, how to use it and why it is the green choice of 2021

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Solid shampoo, for curly, oily and all types of hair: how to use it, what it is, how to keep it, and why it is the green choice of 2021

If there is one product that has made its way into cosmetic brands this year, it is undoubtedly solid shampoo. A little for environmental needs and a little for fashion, any cosmetic house has decided to produce their own, because more and more consumers are making a green choice in the field of beauty, preferring reusable products such as make-up remover pads, toothbrushes but also as regards free products. of packaging or with recycled materials.

Solid shampoo, despite being on the market for years, has always aroused fear in most, considered difficult and impractical to use. In reality it is just a matter of getting used to and changing a well-established gesture for the hair washing routine. Not only is solid shampoo a product that is good for the environment but it is also convenient to store in travel beauty makeup, because it is small in size and because it is not counted in the weight of liquids to be carried in hand luggage.


  • But what is solid shampoo?
  • Solid shampoo how to use it? Tips and practical guide
  • How do you store solid shampoo?

But what is solid shampoo?

Let's start with the basics: solid shampoo is a full-fledged shampoo but which, unlike classic shampoos, has the same formulation but is presented in solid form and is therefore free of water and, consequently, usually free of preservatives. It is produced with surfactants often derived from coconut oil and which have washing power and to which moisturizing, nourishing, soothing or purifying ingredients are then added. Often inside there are oils, butters and essential oils for their beneficial properties or to perfume them together with natural flavors, honey and aloe.

Offer Garnier Solid Shampoo Ultradolce Honey Treasures Garnier Ultradolce Tesori Di Miele Solid Shampoo The Garnier Ultradolce Tesori di Miele solid shampoo is one of the most famous on the web, because it is easy to find and at a very affordable price. It is ideal for fragile and breakable hair, it contains acacia honey and restorative beeswax. With 94% of ingredients of natural origin, the package is completely ecological, without plastic and a stick of shampoo corresponds to two bottles. 5,49 EUR −27% 3,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

In fact, solid shampoo exists for every type of hair, you just need to find the right formulation. Indeed, a few years ago this type of product could have been more aggressive because it was concentrated, but understanding its correct use and choosing the right shampoo for your needs is no longer a problem. Solid shampoo for oily hair often contains fewer oils and butters, or lighter types, and essential oils with a purifying action such as lemon, rosemary, mint and juniper. The solid shampoo for dry hair, on the other hand, contains honey, aloe, butters and oils in greater quantities, so that they also work as conditioning agents to keep the lengths soft.

N.A.E. Purifying Solid Shampoo for Oily Hair N.A.E. Purifying Solid Shampoo for Oily Hair The N.A.E. Purifying for oily hair contains 100% natural origin ingredients as well as packaging, 100% recyclable. A stick corresponds to about two bottles of classic shampoo and allows from 30 to 50 washes. It is suitable for oily hair because it contains sage and mint extract, for a feeling of freshness and lightness. 4.50 EUR Buy on Amazon

The convenience of solid shampoo is that, being compact, it is easy to carry while traveling, both because it prevents the product from coming out of the bottles, and because it can be safely loaded in hand luggage. From an environmental point of view, however, the use of solid shampoo greatly reduces the use of plastic. This is possible because being a concentrated product it uses less quantity and therefore must be repurchased less frequently than classic shampoos. The only packaging you will usually find is recycled paper or cardboard or small reusable cases in which to store the shampoo each time it is purchased again.

solid shampoo soap on towel "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" -use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-do-it-yourself-solid-shampoo.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, uploads / sites / 3/2021/06 / Solid-shampoo-things-how-to-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-do-it-yourself-solid-shampoo.jpg? resize = 300,171 300w, -del-2021-diy-solid-shampoo.jpg? resize = 768,438 768w, how-to-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-do-it-yourself-solid-shampoo.jpg? resize = 1024,584 1024w, -content / uploads / sites / 3/2021/06 / Solid-shampoo-things-how-to-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-diy-solid-shampoo .jpg? resize = 344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

Not only that: reducing the packaging also significantly reduces costs and therefore solid shampoo is an excellent choice also from an economic point of view. You save by buying it because it uses less and lasts much longer, in fact a stick is equivalent to about 2/3 bottles of classic shampoo. By doing the calculations, you can save something, especially if you decide to integrate other solid products into the green cosmetics routine such as body creams, scrubs, shower gels, hand soaps and solid hair conditioner.

round solid shampoo lush "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-solid-shampoo-for-oily-hair.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, /3/2021/06/Shampoo-solido-things-come-si-use-and-why-and-the-green-del-2021-shampoo-solido-hair-grassi.jpg?resize=300,171 300w, shampoo-solid-hair-greasy.jpg? resize = 768,438 768w, -why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-solid-shampoo-for-oily-hair.jpg? resize = 1024,584 1024w, 2021/06 / Solid-shampoo-things-how-to-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-solid-shampoo-for-oily-hair.jpg? Resize = 344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

Solid shampoo how to use it? Tips and practical guide

Using solid shampoo is not that difficult, but the first thing to understand is how to be able to wash your hair with a different product than what we are normally used to and, above all, how to dose it. A first difficulty could be found in the foam: solid shampoos in fact, being almost always mostly composed of natural ingredients, tend to make less foam. This is partly due to the surfactants present and partly to the fact that, to use them, they must be wet and rubbed between the hands. The amount of foam will therefore be less because it is not produced by massaging the product on the head but on a smaller surface, such as the hands.

solid shampoo oily hair curly hair luxury "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" -you-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-solid-shampoo-curly-hair.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, uploads / sites / 3/2021/06 / Solid-shampoo-things-how-to-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-solid-shampoo-curly-hair.jpg? resize = 300,171 300w, -2021-shampoo-solid-curly-hair.jpg? Resize = 768,438 768w, use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-solid-shampoo-curly-hair.jpg? resize = 1024,584 1024w, /3/2021/06/Solido-shampoo-things-how-si-use-and-why-and-the-green-del-2021-solido-hair-shampoo.jpg?resize=344,196 344w " sizes = "(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

The ideal is to ideally separate sections of the head to learn how to dose it: with a first foam you wash the front part, then take the dough again and pass between your hands to form more foam and move to the right side and so on, coming to cover all areas of the head. Over time it will no longer be necessary to think about these steps and the procedure will become natural. There are also those who prefer to pass the stick of wet solid shampoo directly on the head, but it is a method not recommended for those with long hair because the risk is to create knots on the lengths. However, this method can be useful for those with short hair.

Solid shampoo solid conditioner soaps "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" -use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-shampoo-bar.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, 2021/06 / Shampoo-solid-things-how-to-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-shampoo-bar.jpg? Resize = 300,171 300w, /wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/06/Shampoo-solido-things-come-si-usa-and-perche-e-la-scelta-green-del-2021-shampoo-bar.jpg?resize = 768,438 768w, del-2021-shampoo-bar.jpg? resize = 1024,584 1024w, -and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021-shampoo-bar.jpg? resize = 344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

After shampooing, rinse and apply the conditioner. To continue the green trend, it would be better to use solid conditioners, which are activated with the same procedure as the shampoos, i.e. by wetting and rubbing them between your hands to obtain a cream to be passed, this time, on the lengths.

hand holds green leaf solid shampoo "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" yes-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, /Shampoo-solido-things-come-si-usa-and-perche-and-la-scelta-green-del-2021.jpg?resize=300,171 300w, sites / 3/2021/06 / Shampoo-solid-things-how-to-use-and-why-is-the-green-choice-of-2021.jpg? resize = 768,438 768w, /wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/06/Shampoo-solido-cose-come-si-usa-and-perche-e-la-scelta-green-del-2021.jpg?resize=1024,584 1024w, 2021.jpg? Resize = 344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

How do you store solid shampoo?

Another useful information if you decide to approach solid shampoo concerns its conservation. In fact, it is necessary to place it on a ventilated shelf, where the excess water will be able to drain so that the shampoo dries perfectly. This will ensure that it lasts longer and does not melt, also because using it would become more complicated later on. On the market there are also special containers of the most varied shapes to store your shampoo, often created with recycled or recyclable materials such as tin.

Hydrophil Ecological Soap Dish in Tin Plated Sheet Hydrophil Ecological Soap Dish in Tin Plated Sheet To store the solid shampoo you need a container to keep it at its best so that it does not get wet in the shower. The Hydrophyl eco-friendly tin plate soap dish is made of recyclable material, is reusable and completely plastic-free. Equipped with a lid, it allows you to carry the shampoo even while traveling without difficulty. 11,08 EUR Buy on Amazon

In the case of totally closed containers, you must remember to turn the shampoo once the side exposed to the air has dried, so as to dry the lower part as well. Alternatively, you can use a simple open soap dish with the compartment for draining the water, but be careful that the water from the shower does not come into direct contact with the solid shampoo, because in this case it would never dry completely. Another way to store it is to use loosely woven organza or cotton bags and hang them on a hook in the shower. In this way the water will slide and the shampoo will be able to dry completely.

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