Some parents love their children's dogs more

Some parents love their children's dogs more

Dogs as children? The furry friends conquer the affection of the masters until they become real family members

Dogs as children: new testimonies show that animal friends are now considered as children and establish a very strong bond with the owner. But is it possible for a parent to love dogs more than his children? Of course this aspect can cause some perplexity, but there are really so many cases where people come to consider the dog exactly like a child. Some psychologists have wanted to analyze various cases, from which some rather significant aspects have emerged.

The animals strengthen the immune system and prove to be a wonderful company, but for example it happened that a mother used the dog's name to call her son. Surely it is a slip of the tongue, but at the same time these errors have fascinated psychologists for many years. Even Sigmund Freud himself, from whom the typical "Freudian slip" came to life, has always emphasized the strange confusion behind these verbal errors.

Freud believed that these confusions reflect inner thoughts or unconscious feelings. An example could be the graduation ceremony of a beautiful girl who was receiving an important award. During the discussion, the president described it saying "the most brilliant breast of our students" instead of "the best and most brilliant". Naturally it is a Freudian interpretation, which indicates that the president was focused on the beautiful body of the student, even if intent on carrying out a very precise activity. However, by thoroughly analyzing these verbal confusions, psychologists believe that uttering the wrong names does not indicate deep convictions or unconscious motivations. Rather they claim that these episodes reveal information from the brain. Precisely this is the organization with which the brain manages the various names.

In this regard it seems that in the memory the names are associated with very specific categories. How many times do you actually want to call a grandson, a friend or an acquaintance by saying the name of another? Therefore love and affection for one's pet can play these strange pranks on the mind, just like the mystery of dreams. So it can happen to call dogs like children. On the other hand, several people have also happened to give life to a rather embarrassing situation, calling their partner with the name of an ex.

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