Sometimes they come back: it's vest mania!

Sometimes they come back: it's vest mania!

The gilet is a male garment, which is reliving a golden moment especially on street style: here's how to wear it with style!

The gilet is a decidedly vintage-style garment, which is experiencing a moment of splendor! Protagonist of street style, it has been reinterpreted by influencers, models and fashion victims, who each wore it in their own way, redefining their style in a super modern way. Here are some tips to wear it with style!

Vest mania: short

If the waistline is your strong point, underline it with a cropped version vest: match it with a long skirt, or with a pair of flared jeans, in full Seventies style. My suggestion is to wear it with a shirt underneath, so that the neck shows. Alternatively, if the vest is a turtleneck, you can also wear it with a thin shirt so that your arms are covered. What color? In the case of a shirt, white always works, for the shirt, opt for a ton sur ton.

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Vest mania: preppy

With a super British flair, the sleeveless V-neck vest is one of those garments that reminds of the preppy look. Pair it with a shirt, even in a patterned one, and, if you want a truly English total look, wear it with a pleated skirt, or with tweed trousers and moccasins with ankle socks.

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Vest mania: XL

If you are lucky enough to have a boyfriend, a husband, a dad, but also a grandfather, borrow one of their vests! If it fits soft, long or wide, even better. Wear it with a very simple white shirt and you will be perfect. Since the top of your clothing is oversized, it's better if the bottom is dry. In case you want to emphasize the waist, dare with a thin belt over the vest: you will see what a super cool effect!

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Vest mania: XXL

For true fashion victims, the vest can also be worn in an XXL version over a fancy dress. But be careful: it is a very avant-garde look, to be worn only if you don't like to go unnoticed!

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