Sonia and Matilde: story of two inseparable friends

Sonia e Matilde: storia di due amiche inseparabili

The two girls tell us about their friendship made of magical and funny moments, beyond all obstacles

Sonia and Matilde are two inseparable friends. They met when they were about four years old, then they lost touch to meet again a few years ago in the NeMO Clinical Center in Rome. Both attend high school and define themselves as "day and night". But their diversity is not a problem, quite the contrary. Matilde describes it like this:

“Being different has helped me to open up to new visions of life, because all people who are different from us help us to grow”.

Both live with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a neuromuscular disease that affects 1 in every 10,000 children in Italy. Research for this pathology has made great progress along with clinical management and the ongoing commitment of doctors and health professionals.

Despite the pathology, Sonia and Matilde live their lives in an intense way, overcoming every obstacle with determination. During their evenings together they love to take funny photos, which convey freedom, a feature that – as Matilde says – is fundamental and must be exploited to the maximum.

“We also want to communicate the fact that many think that having a disability we are little angels, perfect and sweet girls. – Sonia says laughing – But we are not like that, we are people like all the others ”.

Their will to live, their adrenaline and their strength are conveyed by the photos and the way they tell each other. Their way of life leaves no room for pathology, a small obstacle to their enormous determination.

teenager and sma

“Of course there are obstacles or difficulties, but I like to challenge them and break down many prejudices”: Matilde struggles to make her friends and comrades know her world, which she is the first time to deepen and know.

Awareness of the problem therefore makes it possible to overcome it and to make its characteristics known also externally, but the disease does not represent an obstacle to their will to live.

“We do everything as if there is no SMA. Sometimes it can present itself as an obstacle or as something that bothers us a little, but it is certainly not the SMA that stops us ".

Nowadays, in 2020, there are the means that allow you to do everything despite the pathology and certainly their friendship is an important lever to face life in a determined and carefree way.

Sonia concludes with a good dose of determination and grit, two qualities that distinguish the two girls: “I think that if something has been taken away from us, we have to take triple”.

Two girls that everyone should be inspired by, united by a wonderful friendship that will take them far.

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