Sonia Bruganelli's diet: it is not based on calories but on the person

Sonia Bruganelli's diet: it is not based on calories but on the person

Sonia Bruganelli reveals the secret of her physical form on Instagram: it is a person's diet

Sonia Bruganelli recently revealed her beauty secret on Instagram. This is the person's diet, a slimming regime devised by Tiziana Stallone.

The nutritionist recently published a book called The Diet Person in which she tells her method. Bonolis' wife published a shot in which the volume appears, tagging her friend. "You helped me in a very complicated moment of my life – the former model wrote – and even now if I had food problems I would run to you. Brava Tiziana Stallone, I knew you would have written a book sooner or later! ".

How does the person diet work? The objective of this method is to build a diet that is based not only on physical parameters (metabolism, health, cholesterol or fat mass), but also on psychological ones. According to the nutritionist – who was also a guest of numerous television programs – the goal is to create a new lifestyle that is healthier and allows you to feel better about yourself and with food.

The balance and the calculation of calories are therefore considered secondary elements, with respect to the relationship with each individual he has with food. "Eating is not just about nourishing the body – the expert explains on her site -, but it also brings pleasure in the senses and conviviality. Moreover, numerous scientific evidences show that some foods, especially if they are sweet, fatty or salty, can play a psychoactive role, triggering the search for hedonistic enjoyment ".

"The association of food and pleasure has purely evolutionary motivations and is linked to survival – adds Tiziana Stallone -. Food can thus become an anxiety mitigator, compensating for frustration and loneliness. There are those who have come to hypothesize that food addiction is possible, like alcohol, gambling or drugs. The proliferation of obesogenic foods and the daily stress could, therefore, contribute to the reasons why we eat too much and we cannot stop ”.

In the person diet 4 psycho-types of people are identified: the traditional Eater, the hedonist Eater, the melancholy Eater and the compulsive Eater. Each category has special characteristics and must follow a different weight-loss program to achieve good results and lose weight.

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