Soothing lavender body cream: the do-it-yourself recipe

Enrich your beauty routine with this one soothing lavender body cream do it yourself with essential oils. The recipe we propose is from our expert Lucia Cuffaro, founder of the school of self-production on and curator of the blog She is fast, easy and respectful of nature. For a body cream with fresh notes of lavender, which gives a soothing and sebum-regulating effect.

Ingredients to prepare the soothing lavender body cream

Ingredients and materials: ½ teaspoon of beeswax or vegetable wax, 100 ml of almond oil or wild rose oil, 15 drops of lavender essential oil, jar with lid, saucepan, bowl

How to prepare the soothing lavender body cream

Melt the virgin beeswax (which is protective and emulsifying) in a bowl or glass jar placed over a boiling saucepan. Once the wax has become liquid, add almond oil or wild rose oil: choose the one you prefer, both of these ingredients have an anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and emollient action.

When the mixture has become a beautiful golden yellow color, remove from heat and add the lavender essential oil drop by drop, mixing rapidly with a spoon as if to make a mayonnaise: in addition to the pleasant scent, lavender gives a soothing and sebum-regulator. At this point, pour everything into a perfectly clean, hermetically sealed jar.

It keeps easily for 4-5 months, if kept away from heat sources and direct light.

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