Sophia Loren, 86 years old as a timeless icon

Sophia Loren, 86 years old as a timeless icon

On the crest of the wave for almost 70 years, it is still a universal symbol of Italian beauty today

Sophia Loren, born Sofia Costanza Brigida Villani Scicolone: ​​on 20 September 2020, one of the symbolic divas of Italy in the world turns 86. Time passes, fashions chase each other but the magnetic charm of the actress who played in front of the camera of greats like Vittorio De Sica and who shared the set with sacred monsters like Vittorio Gassman is always there, still in a collective imagination which, fortunately, continues to enhance authentic female beauty.

Miss Elegance in 1950 (the title was created especially for her), Sophia Loren starred in 86 films from the early 1950s to 2013. As for her awards, you could write pages and pages. From the Oscar for Best Actress won in 1962 for La Ciociara to the David di Donatello for Black Orchid, there have been several occasions that have seen critics recognize the talent of the determined girl who, starting from beauty contests, has made it into the world of cinema becoming one of the symbolic actresses of Italian cinema and, in general, of a country that was experiencing one of its most flourishing periods.

Sophia Loren's first 86 years were characterized by a single great love: that for Carlo Ponti, who passed away in 2007. The diva met her future husband, a successful producer, in 1951. At the time he was married to a ' other woman. Struck by the beauty of the then very young actress, he decided to leave his wife.

In an Italy where divorce was still a long way off, their story immediately gave rise to scandal. This did not prevent the producer and the actress from crowning their love: on April 9, 1966, Loren and Ponti said yes with a civil ceremony in Sèvres, France. From their love two children were born: Carlo Ponti junior, conductor, and Edoardo, director and producer.

Seductive like no other, Sophia Loren immediately unhinged the canons of beauty with her height, wasp waist and eyes with an unmistakable elongated cut. She, who when she talks about the extraordinary life says she is surprised at the thought that it is all true, the more the years pass, the more she leaves you breathless. To demonstrate this, it is possible to mention, for example, the choice to return to the set at the age of 85 for La Vita Davanti a Sé, a film directed by his son Edoardo Ponti.

All that remains is to wish a happy birthday to a woman who has become a timeless icon and who still teaches us today how charm is able to go beyond the passing of time.

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