SOS hair. Pre-summer strengthening treatments

SOS hair. Pre-summer strengthening treatments

Hair needs strengthening treatments, especially in spring. This is the season in which the loss occurs, but don't worry: there are effective remedies, even natural ones

Hair requires frequent reinforcing treatments, but in the months preceding summer ones even those who have no particular problems often find themselves having to face falls that reduce their hair. And this happens just when the beginning of the warm season invites you to appear fit and pleasant. In fact, hair loss in the spring is a physiological phenomenon. It can, however, create a lot of annoyance, to say nothing of the imperfections.
It is important to safeguard hair health with targeted strengthening treatments.

The remedies, fortunately, are not lacking.
There are natural substances that have highly beneficial properties for hair. Millet contains amino acids that stimulate keratin production. It also abounds in vitamins A, B and E, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium, which are also useful for the well-being of nails, bones and skin.
Omega 3, essential fatty acids for hair and skin health, vitamins B6, B8, PP and E, iron, methionine and cysteine ​​counteract this annoying phenomenon. The latter, together with iron, have a fortifying effect.

The substances that have properties that can remedy the temporary hair loss can be easily taken through specific supplements. There are various brands and compositions on the market. In the choice it is appropriate to take into account, among other things, any nutritional deficiencies. In any case, they must be used for a limited period only in the spring months. With food supplements, a concentrated and highly effective reinforcing treatment is obtained for the hair, which also has various benefits for general health.

For those who prefer remedies that include the use of beauty products for external use, the alternatives are not lacking. Many effective agents are applied to prevent hair loss with intensive strengthening treatments.
Restructuring serums of composition based on keratin exist which carry out a complete protective activity. They act both on the surface and in the depth of the bark. The latter is the base of the hair and determines its specifications and resistance.
More recently, products based on glycans, complex carbohydrates that have, among others, rebuilding properties of capillary cells, have been introduced to the market.

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