SOS ruined hair after holidays: how to fix it without cutting

SOS ruined hair after holidays: how to fix it without cutting

Before reaching the drastic choice of the cut, there are 6 good moves to be made to try to recover

Who knows why on holiday the hair, lightened by the sun and free from the bondage of the hairdryer, seem always more beautiful and full-bodied. Then, once back home, the bitter discovery: the first time they are dried they are drier and more stringy than before.

The answer is simple: salt and sun remove moisture from the hair, which in the long run becomes dry and ruined.

But before we start off by the hairdresser and give us a cut, there are 6 fundamental moves that can make us recover the recoverable. Let's see them together

1. Keratin and hyaluronic acid treatments to replenish the damaged fiber and rebuild the hair material. For sale there are several masks of excellent quality – many are found in professional salons -. Otherwise, each hairdresser offers keratin restorative treatments.

2. Proper feeding. It is essential, especially in this period, to get your body and hair back into shape. It is important to favor vitamins, hydrate yourself a lot and eat foods rich in zinc, an essential element for the welfare of the foliage. Where is it mainly located? In dried fruit, in sesame, in cocoa.

3. Homemade masks. Grandma's good old remedies in this case can be very useful for giving hair injections and hydration. Olive oil, egg yolk, egg, linseed oil. Here are some tips.

4. Pre shampoo to promote hydration of the hair, dried by salt and chlorine. In fact, however delicate, the shampoo tends to dry out the scalp and lengths, eliminating oil and sebum. The pre-shampoo, thanks to its own ingredients designed to combine chemically with the water of the shower, serves to give a surplus of moisture to the hair before the actual shampoo, just to avoid the dryness effect of the same. Online you can buy various types and price ranges.

5. Serum and spray conditioner without rinsing. To be used several times during the day to moisturize the hair. They prolong the effect of the pre-shampoo helping to hydrate the lengths.

6. Ion phon. By now they are almost completely supplanting the old hair dryers, but for those who still don't have one, we recommend buying it, because it is essential to preserve the hair water reserve and not frustrate all the work done with the treatments. These hair dryers release ions that instead of evaporating the water molecules break and dissolve them, so that hair retains the moisture necessary to be elastic, hydrated and healthy.

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