South Beach Diet: dissolve fat and lose 6 kg in 2 weeks

South Beach Diet: dissolve fat and lose 6 kg in 2 weeks

With the South Beach diet, melt fat, eliminate fat pads and get back in shape by losing 6 kg in two weeks

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Among the most successful diets launched in recent years is South Beach. It is a balanced diet that allows you to lose 6 kg in just 2 weeks.

A rival of the Dukan and Atkins diets, the South Beach diet was conceived by the American cardiologist Arthur Agatston, who tried to develop a balanced diet that would allow him to lose weight and be healthy, but putting himself at the table without making sacrifices. This diet in fact does not eliminate fats and carbohydrates, and also guarantees excellent results from the first few weeks.

The South Beach diet is divided into three phases. The first one lasts two weeks during which it is necessary to eliminate daily bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and baked goods. Most of the weight is lost in the first 15 days, after which it is necessary to reintroduce friends into daily nutrition, therefore low glycemic index fruit, whole grains and sugars.

When you have reached your ideal weight, you can move on to the third phase, which consists of a maintenance period in which you can eat all the food, maintaining the right weight. What makes the South Beach diet special is the fact that it has been designed not only to lose weight, but also to take care of your health, preventing strokes and heart attacks.

What are the rules of the South Beach diet? First of all the portions must be normal and you should never overdo filling the plate too much. You should never skip meals and always choose simple and genuine seasonings, such as extra virgin olive oil, spices and aromatic herbs.

Choose dried fruit as a snack, but also low-calorie vegetables. You can drink when you want tea and herbal tea, without forgetting water. For the first two weeks of the South Beach diet you will have to make an effort, eliminating sweets, biscuits, candy and ice cream, but it will have been worth it.

The South Beach diet day begins with two scrambled eggs, green tea and a coffee. For lunch enjoy a salad with natural tuna, while at dinner you can enjoy grilled chicken breast with a side of grilled vegetables.

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