Spanking your children: why should you avoid it

Spanking your children: why should you avoid it

If you think it is correct and educational to spank your children, that's why you're wrong

Without a doubt, the practice of spanking children is common to almost all families. Many people, in fact, think that slapping serves more than a thousand words. In reality, spanking a child is as wrong as it is dangerous. The child, in fact, could interpret the gesture in a wrong way and give form to totally uncontrollable psychological reactions.

But what could be the reactions to a spanking? In the first place, the child may feel inadequate in the eyes of the parents and, therefore, it cannot be excluded that he develops an insecure and submissive character. To tell the truth, despite an apparent insecurity, the child could also prove arrogant towards those who are weaker than him. In short, the spanking could trigger a vicious circle.

The slap, then, does not allow the child to understand where he is wrong and how to remedy his mistake. The solution to the problem, therefore, is only and exclusively immediate. In fact, after the spanking, the child will stop performing the wrong action. But how can he avoid making the same mistake in the future if he has not understood exactly what he did wrong? Therefore, dialogue is fundamental.

Many believe that with a spanking the child feels obliged to give his best even at school. This statement is as wrong as it is dangerous. The slap, in fact, does nothing but generate anxiety which, as is known, is the enemy of concentration. The only way to allow their children to do their best, therefore, is to instill confidence in them not with slaps but, rather, with concrete gestures.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the parent has the obligation to make their children understand where they are wrong. The secret, therefore, is to speak to children with an open heart and without resorting to slaps and / or spankings. Therefore, looking at one's child in the eye and bringing him back to the right path is the best way to help him become a mature and confident adult.

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