Sparkling party look: outfit and shopping ideas!

Sparkling party look: outfit and shopping ideas!

Shimmering fabrics, a bit of glitter, chic colors – here are some party look ideas!

We are about to start that moment of the year when event panic assails us: what are we going to wear for the holidays? Even if we live in a historical moment in which large events and super crowded dinners are not recommended, this does not prevent us from taking care of ourselves by choosing a refined and elegant outfit even if we will spend the holidays at home, perhaps only with our sweet half. or with a close and non-extended family. So here are some ideas for you for a sparkling Christmas even in the look!

What to wear for the holidays: a different black dress than usual

The little black dress is perfect for practically any occasion, including Christmas and New Year’s parties (and excluding weddings, I recommend!). In these days of light and magic, choose one that is embellished with bright details, such as a few sequins or discreet rhinestones. If the legs are your strong point and you want to play down the look, you can opt for amphibians or kombat bots, especially if you are under the door and want to make the whole more fresh and gritty.

Look ideas for the holidays

What to wear for the holidays: go-go velvet

Velvet is one of the most classic fabrics for holidays such as Christmas: warm and comfortable, with its shiny and sparkling appearance it is truly perfect. How to make the velvet dress perfect and not cloying? Accompanying it with an unusual detail, such as a double strand of XXL pearls.

What to wear for the holidays: a touch of glitter

Sequins are party friends! For example, sequined trousers are perfect, even in a colored version. Try to take it out of context with a white shirt, perhaps with an XXL collar and coordinated but different accessories. For example, a pair of jeweled satin pumps and a small woven clutch, as in the photo below.

Look ideas for the holidays

What to wear for the holidays: comfy chic

And for those who want to feel super comfortable? Well, there is always the suit! The important thing is that it is super glamorous, so maybe in velvet, to be made special with a bright touch, for example a necklace or a rhinestone headband. Comfy chic in the true sense of the word!

What to wear for the holidays: shopping tips

There are some items that can add the extra touch to our party outfit and that can also be reused in other situations, playing down and breaking them up with denim or super basic pieces. An example is the velvet blazer, perhaps illuminated by a touch of light inside the fabric, like that of Alessandro Enriquez.

Look ideas for the holidays

Blazer Alessandro Enriquez

The satin shirt is a garment that, in my opinion, works all year round. You can wear it with denim to add a stylish touch to your look, or you can wear it with a pair of palazzo pants in more formal settings. For the holidays it will be perfect combined with velvet, but also with a piece in tricot knitwear. Simple and chic.

Look ideas for the holidays

Veronica Iorio satin blouse

Velvet pants are a bit like the satin shirt. Play down with a pair of sneakers you can also take them to the office on any winter day, while for the holidays you can combine them with a pair of décolleté without socks.

Veronica Iorio velvet trousers

The glitter pumps are perfect for the holidays, but not only: under a pair of jeans they are perfect for an evening aperitif, while for a more Christmas look you can wear them with velvet or satin to give a further touch of light to the look.

Glitter pump MSUP

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