Special Friends, Stash publishes on Instagram the first photo with his girlfriend Giulia Belmonte

Stash publishes on Instagram the first photo with his girlfriend Giulia Belmonte, after announcing to Amici Speciali that he will become a dad

Stash comes out of the closet and on Instagram publishes the first photo with his girlfriend Giulia Belmonte. The singer of The Kolors will soon become a dad. It was announced by Maria De Filippi during the last episode of Special Friends. On the occasion of the final, which saw Irama triumph against Michele Bravi, the presenter wanted to reveal the little secret of the band's frontman.

"This year you did the most important thing of all that is a hymn to life," said Maria, giving the singer a pendant for the baby on the way. "Life in such a strange moment made me the best gift," said Stash, who immediately seemed very excited. A few minutes earlier the artist had shown the ultrasound on Instagram, writing: "This is certainly the most beautiful music I have ever created, like everything extraordinary that has happened to me in life, it comes suddenly! And I think all you have to do in these moments is to trust your instincts and dive into a new chapter of your life. That life to which I am grateful because at any moment, like a bolt of lightning and above all in a moment like this, it makes you the most beautiful gift ever. From today a new me begins, from today everything takes on a different meaning because I know you will be there! ”.

Among the many comments a small red heart, put by Giulia Belmonte, Stash's girlfriend who will make him dad for the first time. A relationship, that between the singer and the journalist, lived far from the spotlight. After the end of the love story with Carmen Fiorentino, the leader of The Kolors had decided to protect his private life. For this reason few were aware of the relationship with Giulia. After the announcement of the pregnancy, however, Stash decided to share the first couple photo on Instagram. It is a shot in which the two embrace each other on the beach at sunset. "We look ahead," reads the caption, which seems to refer precisely to the pregnancy of Belmonte who is looking forward to becoming a mother.

Stash and Giulia Belmonte Instagram

Stash and Giulia Belmonte – Source: Instagram

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