Special Friends: the best and worst of the final

Amici Speciali, il meglio e il peggio della finale

Between art, laughter, twists and emotions, the spin off of the historical talent of Maria De Filippi has closed its doors in style

Special Friends, all the protagonists of the Maria De Filippi show

The adventure of Special Friends ended with excitement. The spin off of the historic talent of Maria De Filippi gave one last episode last night that will remain in the hearts of the great Queen Mary fans, which kicked off the final by introducing the jury and, shortly after, the competitors.

After the performance of the super host J-Ax, the real challenges started with a comparison between the two namesakes Gaudino, Alessio and Umberto. The final of Amici Speciali confirmed once again the explosive irony of Sabrina Ferilli who, wearing a black leather suit already sported on other occasions, lent itself to the fun "obligation – truth" curtain.

The juror and actress was also called to face a test that thrilled the web: Sabrina Ferilli, clashing with Giorgio Panariello, ventured into a Tik Tok challenge. How can we not talk about his plank? At 55, the beautiful Capitoline actress is in great shape and, as mentioned several times in recent weeks, capable of making her contribution to nothing short of special gags, which have made this television adventure a path dedicated not only to the great music and dance, but also fun.

The final of Amici Speciali, which saw an unprecedented Maria De Filippi speeding through the scooter in the corridors of Mediaset, will be remembered by viewers also for the moment when the landlady announced, surprisingly, that Stash of The Kolors will become dad.

"I want to give him a gift … not because you gave up being a finalist": with these words, Maria De Filippi, who had previously called the singer at the center of the studio, brought him a pendant with a teddy bear, airing immediately after the filmed with the ultrasound of the companion Giulia Belmonte.

As for the victory, remember that it was conquered by Irama, who put in the foreground a few minutes of deep emotion with a poignant monologue. Between art, laughter, twists and practically zero slips, an undoubtedly short journey – four episodes – ended but which will be remembered as yet another example of Maria De Filippi's professionalism and dedication.

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