Spinach diet: regulate the intestine and strengthen the immune system

Spinach diet: regulate the intestine and strengthen the immune system

Rich in soluble fiber and vitamins, they are precious for physical fitness and health

Adding spinach to your eating patterns can prove to be a useful choice for improving intestinal efficiency and the immune system. Belonging to the Amaranthaceae family, these vegetables bring about 25 calories per pound and are characterized by the presence of an important amount of water.

Also noteworthy is the fiber content. As highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, these are mainly soluble fibers. The intake of these nutrients turns out to be congenial when aiming at maintaining intestinal regularity (an aspect that has obvious advantages on weight).

Continuing with the benefits of spinach, it is appropriate to mention vitamin C. These vegetables are very rich in them, a peculiarity that has important repercussions on the immune system. This antioxidant vitamin, as well as vitamin A, also present in spinach, is notoriously crucial when it comes to eating for cancer prevention.

Available especially from September to May, spinach is an extraordinary concentrate of properties! Among these it is possible to mention the presence of vitamin K which, in addition to being fundamental for the good coagulation of the blood, together with calcium contributes to the protection of bone health.

Among the other minerals that can be found in spinach, iron is present. When naming it, it is good to remember that, to inactivate the substances that inhibit its absorption, it is appropriate to cook the above mentioned vegetables. The reasons why it is appropriate to integrate them into your diet certainly do not end here! In this category it is possible to include their being a source of potassium, an essential mineral for the regularity of pressure and, consequently, for heart health.

How can we not mention copper which, thanks to the synergy with the aforementioned iron, is decisive for the production of red blood cells? Going back for a moment to the vitamins, it is the case not to forget those of the group B, whose contribution favors the proper functioning of the metabolism. We also point out that spinach represents a source of omega 3 fats, healthy anti-inflammatory lipids and heart health allies.

What about their contraindications instead? That among these it is possible to mention thyroid problems. Especially if you tend to suffer from hypothyroidism, spinach should be taken in moderation. The reason? The content of goitrogens, antinutrients that can further inhibit the functioning of this gland. In light of this, before starting to consume spinach it is appropriate to consult the attending physician.

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