Spontaneous abortion, a wound of the heart and soul

Spontaneous abortion, a wound of the heart and soul

A tragic and painful event that can be overcome by talking about it

It is never easy to overcome the loss of a child, even more before having been able to hold him in his arms. Spontaneous abortion and death in utero, unfortunately, are very common events, yet they are still considered taboo subjects. Women who suffer such a loss, however, need to talk about it.

According to the World Health Organization, the spontaneous abortion rate is 10-15% and occurs mainly in the first quarter. Spontaneous abortion is, in fact, among the most common causes of the loss of the baby during pregnancy.

For most women it is experienced as a traumatic event, very difficult to accept. Most of the time it brings with it psychological, but also physical consequences.

Pregnancy for a woman represents an evolution of her identity, in which her infantile "I" is called into question and we are preparing to change status. We therefore move from being woman and daughter to mother. It changes not only physically, but also emotionally.

Also changes the couple who, from the first weeks, begins to fantasize about that little boy taking on expectations, desires and responsibilities.

When a spontaneous abortion occurs, the soul and mind of the woman undergo an internal earthquake that in a moment cancels all that series of processes started with the onset of pregnancy. Suddenly he no longer knows who to give all that love that, until then, he had placed in the baby he carried in his lap, seeing the dynamics of life upset.

The sense of emptiness and sadness take hold of her and, gradually, feelings like guilt and shame emerge. Many times women who lose their children think they must remain silent and experience their pain in solitude. Nothing more wrong. As much as a spontaneous abortion can be a common and inevitable cause, we must always talk about it and surround ourselves with loved ones.

There are many reasons why a miscarriage may occur: fetal abnormalities, infections, problems related to the age of the mother, syphilis, malaria. Do not blame yourself, take all the time you need to process the mourning and, if necessary, contact an expert person.

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