Sport and self-esteem: what relationship?

Sport and self-esteem: what relationship?

What relationship exists between sport and self-esteem and how to create a virtuous circle that increases performance and self-evaluation


  • Do you have respect for yourself?
    • Live the advice well
    • Observe the mood swings
  • Sport and self-esteem: what relationship?
  • 3 practical actions to better value yourself
    • Warm up by breathing deeply
    • The shower after training as a ritual
    • Keep a diary

Do you have respect for yourself?

There are little tricks to actually understand how much we value who we are and what we do, how satisfied we are with the relationships we have around us. The first trick is to observe one's "back thoughts", that is, that mental purr that sometimes really harms us and that often means profound dissatisfaction. If we don't like something, we need to change and to make it change we need to take a proactive attitude. Think of your outward traits, the so-called connotations; we are talking about the hair, the shape of the nose, the eyes. Try, once in front of the mirror, to reflect on your features and to talk to each other in a harmonious way, to notice the lines and the differences between the right and left side of the face, without producing heavy and polemical judgments. To understand if you value yourself, you could observe these 3 fundamental factors:

Don't get caught up in the gossip net

Keeping up with the thoughts and words of others makes you waste time and energy, it risks dragging you into a counterproductive network. Observe the information that is spread and be the people who block and stop the energy dispersion of gossip. If you are realizing that you have people around who speak very badly, perhaps it is better to remove them or stop them or let them know how much you don't like wasting time.

Live the advice well

If you have good self-esteem for yourself, don't be negatively affected by suggestions from others. Try not to control others, not to take on polemical tones at all costs. And if from time to time you receive advice or an invitation to review your behavior, try to take it proactively and efficiently, turn these tips into cards in your favor. Take small steps towards the confidence you can gain in yourself to achieve your goals.

Observe the mood swings

You need to observe your mood swings and the frequency with which the "inner weather" changes. If you have a good dose of critical intelligence, use it to live situations in a relaxed way, without being overwhelmed and without creating "eruptions" that also damage relationships. Becoming available for change means adapting skills to new situations. Sometimes even in the changes of direction you find a way to increase your self-esteem. Even when the negative phases come, you must try to keep a positive mind.

Sport and self-esteem: what relationship?

Sport makes us feel good at all levels and allows us to improve our relationship with the body, with excellent implications also on a mental level. By doing sport, a greater number of endorphins are released, very important neurotransmitters that harmonize and give a feeling of global well-being. Even mentally in sport we organize ourselves by small goals and we organize ourselves by small steps. The general organization also improves on an emotional and mental level; everything becomes clear and emerges in a transparent or in any case less tangled way. Developing a motor routine allows us to find safety in the body and psyche. Training actually becomes a good point of reference in one's life.

Even when sport puts us in front of limits, it is still a way to get to know your body. The alleged defeats must be experienced as challenges and this approach also improves the attitude in various aspects of life. Slowly we begin to understand that our self-esteem does not depend on the success of the training or the work goal: we are worth it, period. Embracing this perspective becomes essential to live peacefully and feel really deep roots within oneself / s. The mirror, month after month, gives you back a toned, harmonious body and your good mood improves. By removing toxins, acting on the basal metabolism, excellent results are obtained on the emotional and practical side.

3 practical actions to better value yourself

Let's see 3 practical actions that drastically change your way of doing sports for the better and that help you to have a better performance in performance, simultaneously increasing your self-esteem and self-confidence:

Warm up by breathing deeply

When you are about to play sports you should never neglect the warm-up, both for preventive reasons and to improve sports performance and consequently improve self-confidence. Never give up on this moment and try to indulge the stretching exercises with long and deep breaths that help improve blood fluidity by promoting oxygenation of the muscles and their elasticity. This habit is a beautiful way to love yourself and to avoid contractures, strains or tears.

The shower after training as a ritual

Even if it often happens to be in a hurry, you do not give in to the frenzy and always try to experience the moment of the shower as something magical. Do not neglect any gesture and take long, deep breaths, enjoying the contact with water. Choose a good moisturizer to use after drying and apply it through a deep and slow massage.

Keep a diary

Try to write down both moods and physical goals. Writing serves to keep track of progress and progress. You can choose to do this before going to sleep or when you wake up, before a good breakfast. Keeping a diary of results allows you to strengthen self-esteem a lot.

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