Sport for two: 7 benefits for the couple

Sport for two: 7 benefits for the couple

Let's see the fundamental benefits that a couple who chooses and decides to play sports together gets


  • Define your goals
  • Progress and goals
  • Wishes, dreams and (shower together)
  • Performance in bed
  • Competition and play
  • Break the routine
  • Release stress
  • Risk of sport for two (and how to get around it)

Define your goals

It often happens that couples have different rhythms and times, but at some point they decide to share the moment of sport. Whether in the morning or after the work day, movement strengthens the couple tremendously. If we start together, we can define the objectives together from the beginning, regardless of the motor experience of each. Whether you decide to go for a run together or plan tennis, brisk walking, hiking, swimming, in any case, the choice must be made together and could even include two different forms of exercise within the week, if the couple manages to meet again a couple of times. You can make an orderly plan based on the kilos you want to lose, the results you want to achieve, together with the balanced diet that you can always organize together.

Progress and goals

In exercising together you can keep as a shared "logbook", a notebook or a file where you note all your progress and not only on a physical level, but also on a mental level. In fact, doing sport changes your life a lot and also allows you to observe all the changes in your thoughts. It is also great to find a space during the day to verbally discuss the progress and goals of both.

Wishes, dreams and (shower together)

You start running, you start walking fast, you start with gloves or rackets or a jump rope and slowly draw up the desires of what you want to achieve together in terms of physical and non-physical results. Putting the body in motion also means setting the emotions in motion, which really move us, and if this happens within the couple, an abundance and inner richness can be obtained. Then, at the end of each workout, you can share your visions, dreams, what you intend to achieve. And, with toxins expelled through sweat, it becomes beautiful to shower together and share this sacred moment too.

Performance in bed

Having a toned body, working to keep fit, collaborating to feel that the body improves, here, all these things are also found between the sheets. When the body is well, when the back becomes flexible and the hips and pelvis move in harmony, all the muscles of the body work together to give and receive love in a functional and felt way. This factor is often underestimated but if the two of the couple move together then they can enjoy each other's results in bed. And the sparks and tenderness unite the couple impressively. With movement, the general energy of the body increases and therefore also the moment of fusion with the partner benefits.

Competition and play

In setting goals, real mutual efforts can also be taken into consideration without applying judgment. If you create a healthy competition with your partner, not ruthless but playful, things can only improve in all respects. You play, have fun, grow up, increase your energy and be ironic if, perhaps, after a workout, you indulge in a glass of wine or a dessert.

Break the routine

Fitness allows you to meet not only at the table or at breakfast in the morning. Fitness allows you to experience your partner in the fullest of his efforts, to see him satisfied with what you achieve, while respecting the physical differences of each. A new moment is created in which sharing reaches its peak and satisfaction increases proportionally.

Release stress

Exercising together avoids unnecessary arguments. Often you return home burdening your partner with so many personal tensions, especially if you don't have time to unload them. If, on the other hand, you return home, change and exercise with your partner, the body improves its performance and releases all the stress. So, after a shower, you can perhaps find yourself on the sofa with your body and mind relaxed, ready to face a whole night in the arms of those we love.

Risk of sport for two (and how to get around it)

A first "risk" lies in the fact that sport is often experienced as a moment of personal recharge and, by sharing it, one could lose one's intimate sphere. Loneliness often recharges and sometimes sport becomes just that place to let your mind go and live your own space, feel your emotions. For this reason, it is necessary to define well in the couple how physical exercise is experienced, before deciding to do it together. A good compromise is to maintain a shared “hybrid” training; you train maybe once a week with your partner and the second alone, in order to maintain that sphere of solitude.

If you don't want to share sport on a regular basis, you can go out together, such as in collective trekking groups or other forms of exercise where you get to know other people. The important thing is always to do what you feel and not force yourself to introduce your partner into something that we would like to keep only ours. In this way the boundaries are respected and the sharing really comes from the heart.

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