Sports bras for running: the best 4 (they are broadband)


A woman out of 5 do not play sports because of their breasts, according to a study conducted by the Research Group in Breast Health (RGBH) of the University of Portsmouth. Not only because she is embarrassed by her size but, above all, because she feels pain and redness and irritation in the chest area as she moves. A problem that, of course, gets worse when we run.

Therefore, for the runner wear a specific bra for the ride is critical. Since the success of the training also depends on the comfort of the clothing used, with the help of two experts we have identified the characteristics of a real running bra and, based on these, we have tried 10 different models, choosing four.

The fabric of the racing bras

It is imperative that the bra fabric be technical, that is, syntheticfor 5 essential reasons.

First: avoid skin irritation because does not absorb and retains sweat, but easily promotes evaporation. Second: it is made with polyester fibers, elasticized that adhere perfectly to the shape of the breast and prevent it from moving too much during the race.

Third: protects the skin from friction movements as the technical fabric bra has no seams (or are taped). Fourth: it offers a greater feeling of freshness, since this type of material generally undergoes an anti-odor treatment.

Fifth: for his elasticityreinforcements or padding can be added where the breasts need protection most, for example in the nipple and areola area.

The containment category

By now, all brands of sports products divide their bra into 3 categories: low, medium and high impact depending on the type of activity you intend to carry out.

As for running, which is a dynamic sport, the choice can fall on those medium impactwhich have a good seal and minimize both vertical and mid-lateral jerking movements of the breasts.

THEIn any case, as the studies of the Research Group in Breast Health say, this containment capacity is always valid regardless of the size, that is, chest circumference and cup.

The bra straps for running

Several surveys conducted among sports consumers report that they are their own the shoulder pads are the main causes of an unpleasant feeling of discomfort when you run. They complain, in fact, that they slide on the sides because it is impossible to adjust them precisely or they pull too much because they are not well held by the chest strap and, therefore, mark the skin above the collarbone.

The choice of the right shoulder straps, therefore, is essential for running smoothly, and the different options available depend above all on the shape of the body of each one: the straight ones ensure regular support, and are recommended for those with small breasts or in proportion to their size. body size; those with X crossed on the back hold more even laterally, and are suitable for those who wear larger sizes (from the fourth upwards) or for those who have a large cup (C, D, E etc.) on a slender body; the single shoulder models leave more freedom of movement but to wear them you need a smaller cup (A or B).

The lower band

Here we are at the true support of a sports bra: the chest band which represents 80% of the support of this garment, an excellent reason to pay attention to this detail.

It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, but this mainly depends on the size; so, as it must neither curl or lift upwards during the activity. As for the hook, it is a completely personal consideration, which affects the moment in which you put on or take off the bra.

In general, however, those with large cups feel their breasts firmer if the bra is closed by the hook, while small sizes find models without them more comfortable. The important thing is that the closure is not in direct contact with the skin of the back.

Runner bra: no underwire

A sports bra must not irritate in any way and in any type of movement, which is why a real running bra has no never the underwire but a knitting process that still guarantees the necessary support.

The most advice

Like all technical and sports garments, use and frequent washing over time deteriorate the peculiar characteristics of a running bra. This is a good reason to change it after a certain period of time.

In principle, among runners there is the rule of replace it together with the shoes. That is, after 700 to 1000 kilometersthat is, after 70-100 hours of activity for those who practice running in an amateur way.

Just to give you an idea on the right change of use: if you run a couple of times a week, shoes and bra will last you more or less 1 year. However, let’s assume that if you feel it limp, it’s time to change it!


Oxyburn FIT-BRA 7705. Price: € 30,

The strong point: duration.

As soon as it is worn, the sensation is that of a very soft and elastic garment that supports without tightening, and the same comfort is felt during workouts. The most appreciated quality is the self-ventilating micro-mesh structure of the fabric, which always leaves it dry in contact with the skin, both on the chest and on the back, both in the heat inside and under other clothing, outdoors.

The straps are also comfortable, wide and without seams, and the band that always remains in place. Note of merit also for the quality of nylon and elastane: they do not show signs of wear even after numerous e frequent washing.

Asics Accelerate Bra. Price: 45 €,

The strong point: high support.

The first thing you notice when wearing it is the support of the cups, slightly padded but still soft and that do not irritate the skin during movement. The straps that allow for adjustment were also appreciated, to find the right fit.

Excellent chest strap, elastic without tightening, which remains perfectly in position during the activity without curling up or getting up, and hidden seams. The last note to report is the breathability of the fabric which never stays wet and always leaves the skin dry.

Drive Convertible Run Bra Brooks. Price: 50 €,

The strength: adjustability.

The double adjustment system of the shoulder straps is striking, really convenient for finding the right fit between cup size, chest circumference and bust height: they can, in fact, be adjusted in length with a traditional buckle but also hooked back from straight to crossed.

Also worthy of appreciation are the shock-absorbing workmanship and the lateral support in the cups, which support the breasts during the race without annoyingly squeezing or irritating the nipples. Good breathability, even when you sweat a lot.

Lazoney Rock Experience. Price: 35 €,

The strong point: lightness.

The greatest advantage is the lightness, given by the minimal packaging with double straps crossed on the back designed for those who use it in long-distance trail running competitions. The 4-way stretch Ergo Stretch fabric ensures a comfortable fit and always leaves the skin dry even with a lot of sweating.

Excellent containment thanks to the preformed cups, they claim and protect the breasts, and the wide chest strap that always remains in place without going up.

Our testers lab: Martina Trento, registered with GAV (Vedelago Athletics Group); Elena Simeone, registered with the X-SOLID SPORT LAB.

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