Sports, which one to choose based on the zodiac sign

Sports, which one to choose based on the zodiac sign

If you are undecided about the physical activity to practice, you can rely on the horoscope and choose your sport based on the zodiac sign

The choice of the sport to practice is not always easy. It depends on the goals we set ourselves, the characteristics of our body, our state of health and the time we have. If despite everything, you are still undecided, an original way to find the right activity is to follow the advice of the stars.

The sports horoscope is proposed by Urban Sports Club which called the stars to help and investigated the zodiac to find out what will be the upcoming news for 2020-2021 and not be prepared. Below, the ideal sports disciplines for each sign.


A thrilling September full of projects awaits those born under the sign of Aries: love, work and health at the top, with new strength to face even the most demanding days, which will not be lacking, as well as strong emotions and challenges. For the first sign of the zodiac – dynamic, determined and competitive – disciplines such as swimming and boxing are ideal for relieving tension and getting involved, with workouts that involve most of the muscles and stimulate self-confidence. For those who want to improve teamwork, beach volleyball is an excellent alternative: fun and intense, it helps coordination and, between one set and another, leaves time not only to share tactics and formations, but also for some chatter and joke.


Stress and headaches in sight for the Bull: between couple discussions, rising expenses and fragile throat and stomach, an uphill restart is expected. Therefore, it is better to devote yourself to sports activities that allow you to focus on yourself and release tension, to find some peace of mind. Green light then to yoga and meditation sessions: with the right balance you will be able to digest even the most hostile September, preparing yourself for the next few months, when the stars will be more favorable. Tennis can also help you relax, reduce stress and, above all, train your concentration without falling victim to excessive self-control – this sign's Achilles heel – and all while burning a lot of calories!


After difficult and tiring months for Gemini, a September is coming full of new stimuli and great opportunities, especially in love and at work; only health will make a few too many whims. It will therefore be essential to listen carefully to your body, identify your needs and understand their real needs, which is not easy for such a restless sign. However, thanks to their fervent curiosity, the Twins are always ready to discover: between paddling in a canoe, spinning in the tub and jogging, they will not have time to get bored, even in the city. Once regenerated, nothing can stop them from taking their little personal revenge while waiting for 2021, the year of true redemption.


This summer was certainly not exciting for the sign of Cancer, but not even in September there will be a truce and Mars will bring with it moments of discomfort and tension. The remedy to regain patience – a quality that distinguishes this sign – put to the test in recent months is to engage in fun and stimulating activities, preferably in contact with water, its natural element. Kitesurf stunts and hydrobike rides are the ideal solution to tackle the return; for those who need socializing, a zumba course is a more than valid alternative to keep fit to the rhythm of kissed, salsa and raggaeton and who knows, next summer you won't be able to show off some new steps on the beach.


Leo is the most ambitious and proud sign of the zodiac and, after a roaring start of 2020, full of great satisfactions, even in September and in the months to follow, the stars promise positive for those born under this sign. Those who want to feed their hunger for glory and the predilection to always be at the center of the scene, a discipline like pole dance is the perfect activity to get off to a great start. The more generous, on the other hand, can opt for a soccer match with friends – but be careful not to raise the level of competition too much, or it will be difficult to keep them on a leash. To train calm without neglecting the desire for pleasure that distinguishes the sign, EMS training (Electro My Stimulation) is an extremely effective method for obtaining satisfactory results and a sculpted body.


Upon returning from the summer break, relationships and feelings are safe for Virgo, accompanied by an excellent horoscope for September, which also promises to be a harbinger of interesting ideas and good opportunities from a working point of view. Health will be recovering but to maintain the strengths acquired, stress must be kept under control. Scuba diving and indoor climbing are the ideal sports to stimulate concentration and ingenuity; while functional training, intense and stimulating, represents an excellent anti-stress as well as a valid support for instilling determination and self-confidence.

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Positive September and a great passion for Libra, even if still a little short of liquidity. The most balanced of the zodiac will have to focus on self-esteem and self-awareness to seize the good opportunities in sight. What is better, then, than a game of golf or an archery session to test yourself? These disciplines, in fact, represent real challenges with themselves: they allow you to verify your improvements, perfect your technique, obtain consistency and precision and improve concentration. In addition, being practiced outdoors, they also stimulate a good mood. An equally valid but decidedly more intense alternative from a physical point of view is crossfit, circuit training for real "tough guys".


After difficult and troubled months, the bureaucratic struggles of those born in Scorpio and the pains of love will continue, with repercussions on health. Beware of anxiety and psychological discomforts, to find some peace again you will need to gather a little more patience and wait until the end of September. In the meantime, the practice of traditional martial arts and Brazilian capoeira can help. Impregnated with spirituality and aiming at self-knowledge and meditation, these disciplines can, in fact, have positive influences on both the body and the mind. For those looking for a very high intensity cardio workout, however, hi training (High Intensity Interval Training) is ideal for defeating stress and stimulating personal motivation.


Standing ovation for Sagittarius who will experience an unforgettable September: in love everything will shine again, work will be filled with new energy and you can say goodbye to small discomforts and health problems. The joviality and enthusiasm of this sign find the perfect combination in padel, the sport of the moment: fun, dynamic and easy to learn, it has quickly become a real social phenomenon. For the more energetic Sagittarians, however, training with a specialized personal trainer allows you to achieve targeted results and at the same time release all tension. Even the innovative cryotherapy is a valid alternative for a far-sighted sign such as Sagittarius: through real "ice baths" you have benefits on the muscles, but also on the skin, metabolism and the circulatory system.


Time to take stock for Capricorn: although love for some will not be easy, at work you will finally be able to solve some past problems and open up to new things. More than optimistic forecasts regarding health, even if there will be some unexpected events. On guard then and ready to draw swords: one fencing and the other will help to face even the most fearful inconveniences. To free your mind and body and feel lighter, antigravity yoga sessions are ideal for challenging the laws of physics and finding your own balance, suspended. On the other hand, those looking for adrenaline and wild spirit, surfing on the artificial waves will still be able to savor the holiday air and face the return with carefree.


The Aquarius mantra for the September restart will have to be "seize the opportunities", despite the fact that this sign is totally lacking in realism and practical sense. To start the path towards new tests and exams on the right foot, those born under these stars will be able to devote themselves to sports such as horse riding and stand up paddle, which stimulate balance and improve reflexes, as well as relax the mind and lose track of time, estranging from what is around. Fencing is also indicated for this sign, since it favors concentration and therefore the slowing down of the chaotic rhythm typical of this sign.


For those born under the sign of Pisces it will be essential to listen to your heart; at work, on the other hand, it will be necessary to think carefully about the path to take, but it will be difficult to make mistakes. Health will also improve, after a little complicated months, however, it will be necessary to pay attention to legs and feet. Water aerobics can come to the rescue of Pisces, in total absence of gravity, damage to joints and lower limbs are averted. To strengthen the muscles of the legs and prevent the annoyances announced by the stars, even squash remains a valid option; the more prudent, on the other hand, will be able to ensure fun and new swing matches.

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