Sprained ankles: four exercises to strengthen them

“Sprained ankle is a trauma that could often be avoided if the tendons and ligaments were stronger and more elastic,” he notes Salvatore Marinellirehabilitation therapist in Milan.
We asked him for four exercises to be carried out in a preventive key. Repeat them every day.

Walk “cutting”

Standing, legs slightly apart, take 5 steps forward taking care to rest only the outer edge of the extremities on the ground. Then, without turning around, return to the starting point by walking on the inside of your feet. Only one repetition is enough.

Use the step

Climb a step or step with only the toes, while the back of the extremities protrude outward, as if preparing for a backward dip. Now, helping with one hand to maintain balance, let your heels go down, keeping your legs straight. Then, return to the starting position and repeat. Complete 8 reps.

Get on the tips

Stand up, legs parallel, place one hand on a table or chair, step onto your toes and push yourself as high as you can. Then, return to the starting position and try again. You may feel tingling in your calves or crunching in your ankles or toes during exercise, but don’t worry – this is normal. Repeat 10 times.

Move the sphere

While standing, place a hedgehog massage ball under your right foot and start moving it, as if you want to draw a cross and a circle on the ground. Then, he tries to wrap it sideways with the surface of the plant. He runs for 30-45 seconds and switches feet.

(Drawings by Alessandra Scandella)

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