Spring fatigue: the most frequent causes and how to fight it

Spring fatigue: the most frequent causes and how to fight it

From magnesium deficiency to low blood pressure, this episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains what causes spring fatigue

Spring fatigue is a frequently reported condition and can last for several weeks. There can be many elements that cause this feeling of exhaustion.

Magnesium deficiency

The first thing to consider is a magnesium deficiency, a mineral essential for making muscles work well, but it is only a possible contributing cause of a problem that tends to affect especially young women and also has a psychological component, especially at this time. The anxiety of the economic situation, the idea of ​​losing one's autonomy can greatly affect the psyche of people.

This transient situation of malaise, it must be remembered, is often linked to stress, climate and dietary changes and even sleep rhythms.

What to do

Regular physical activity is fundamental, overcoming weakness to take advantage of the production of endorphins which are very important for mood, focusing on a varied diet without overdoing DIY diets. In this period of the year it is important that the body does not also face the lack of nutritional components that are used for the production of energy by the body.

In fact, if the diet is excessively reduced, over time it will be difficult to produce sufficient quantities of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy for cellular reactions.

Iron deficiency

For women we must not forget that even a lack of iron can cause an insufficient supply of oxygen to the muscles. Insufficient iron values ​​in the blood can cause fatigue in two ways, on the one hand they slow down the activity of cytochromes, on the other they can reduce the formation of hemoglobin.

Iron deficiency anemia, which is common in very young girls, can become one of the most common causes of fatigue. To find out, it takes blood tests to check the values ​​of red blood cells, hemoglobin, iron, transferrin and ferritin. Based on what is altered, attention must be paid to nutrition by preferring foods rich in iron.


Also, unmotivated fatigue can result from the thyroid gland. Cases of hypothyroidism that do not give clear clinical evidence are particularly frequent. But even in this case, a simple blood test can shed light on deficiencies that are not particularly significant but which can affect fatigue.

Finally, don't forget to check your blood pressure. Those suffering from constitutional low blood pressure can experience fatigue much more. In these cases, the discomfort is greater in the morning, even when you get out of bed.

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