Spring gastritis: foods to avoid and tips to digest better

Spring gastritis: foods to avoid and tips to digest better

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains what to do in case of gastritis: which foods to eliminate and how to help digestion while walking

In spring for those who are not fit with their stomach, gastritis is more likely to appear with pains and stomach acid. It is in fact a risky season. Smokers, drinkers and those who by necessity often take drugs that can damage the mucous membrane of the stomach are the subjects "most in danger".

The important thing is to know how to defend yourself and play ahead. If you suffer from gastritis, you must pay particular attention to nutrition.

What to eat

Avoid overly elaborate recipes, particularly if fried foods are to be expected, and chew calmly if your stomach is sensitive. The classic frying can create stomach problems as a process that is called enzyme browning occurs and involves proteins and carbohydrates. The result is that food is harder to digest.

In addition, in those suffering from gastritis, attention should also be paid to dietary fats, since they tend to slow down the gastroduodenal transit due to the action of cholecystokinin which inhibits appetite and helps food stay longer in the digestive process.

Worse if you add sauces or the like, especially if added to large portions. Pay attention to spices, especially pepper which can have an irritating action on the mucous membrane. Also pay attention to mint, capers and anchovy paste.

You have to give the right time to each meal. We must avoid fast feeding, because excessive speed in swallowing food does not allow the correct formation of the food bolus in the mouth and therefore digestion becomes slower and slower.

Practical advice

It is advisable to eat slowly, eat small meals, take a walk after eating, avoid alcohol, especially spirits, do not abuse coffee and refrain from smoking. And above all we must not overdo it at the table, trying to reduce dishes and fats.

Limit foods that can stimulate acid production such as coffee, carbonated drinks, chocolate, broth and meat extracts, watch out for mucosal irritating foods such as pepper, mustard and cloves. Eat light meals and beware of clothes that are too tight. Regularly prepare a boiled ginger root by adding a pinch of honey, consuming this solution after a particularly substantial meal. But keep in mind that you should always go to your doctor.

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