Spring, packed lunch time: the mistakes to avoid for a top sandwich

Spring, packed lunch time: the mistakes to avoid for a top sandwich

Making a sandwich seems simple, but making it tasty and succulent is another thing: here are the mistakes to avoid for a perfect result.

Making a sandwich may seem simple at first glance, but that’s not always the case. In fact, there are often pitfalls that at first glance may appear banal but instead allow you to make a proper sandwich.

sandwich errors

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Since there has been bread, there have probably also been stuffed sandwiches. But the turn of the name probably came from Lord Sandwich, an avid golfer and card player, who in the 1700s asked for something good and practical to eat without having to leave the gaming station. Since then the sandwich took the name of sandwich.

If it is true that the filling of each sandwich is subjective, it is also true that there are some cornerstones that should not be underestimated: here are the mistakes not to make when making a sandwich.

Here are the mistakes you shouldn’t make when making a sandwich

Among the most practical things to prepare we certainly find the sandwich. Perfect to carry around, for a trip out of town or a picnic, especially now that the summer season arrives, but also to the sea.

sandwich errors

Source: Canva

A quick and easy solution also to take for a quick lunch at the office. It can be filled with many different things and you can choose to prepare it with different types of bread.

Although making a sandwich may seem like the simplest thing in the world, here are the mistakes not to be made for a perfect result.

1) Choosing the wrong bread. Depending on the filling we will have to opt for a different type of bread. When we have fillings like a hamburger we will have to choose a soft bun. The hardest sandwich, on the other hand, such as the rosette or the loaf, goes well with cold cuts, salami, wet foods, sauces and soft cheeses. Otherwise you can use the classic bread and make it into slices by placing the filling in the middle of these. You can also toast the bread, always being careful not to make it too hard. Not all the ingredients that will have to fill the sandwich, however, require hot bread, think of salami or raw ham, with too hot bread they would be ruined by oozing grease.

2) Not iidentify a basic ingredient. The first thing to do is to choose which food will fill the sandwich for the most and build all the rest around it. We cannot think of combining ingredients in bulk and putting everything that comes within reach into the sandwich. We will have to pay attention to three characteristics in particular: the crunchiness, which can be given by the bread or by an internal ingredient such as bacon; the softness that can be given by bread or sauces or a soft cheese; and finally, the freshness in this case we can opt for a salad leaf or other vegetable.

3) Not tsaute the bread well. If you decide to use the classic loaf and cut two slices of bread we will have to make them the same size. In addition to being unattractive, the sandwich would also be less easily edible. Let’s think of two different slices that don’t match: all the ingredients of the filling would come out. Even if we choose the rosette we will have to be careful to cut it in the precise half.

4) Not Darrange the filling well. There is nothing worse than putting a sandwich in your mouth and finding only bread. This means that the filling was not evenly distributed.

5) Not Mput the sauce in the middle. Many think that it is better to put it on the ingredients otherwise it risks making the bread too moist. The best solution, however, is to place it on the bread so as to make it much tastier.

6) Do not dry the vegetables. Many make the mistake of not drying the salad leaves after washing them. A problem that risks affecting the entire consistency of the sandwich.

Finally, let’s not forget that if we consume the sandwich immediately we can put everything we want in it but if we have to take it away some ingredients could oxidize, let’s think about vegetables or salads, so better avoid them.

With these precautions from now on your sandwiches will be really super.

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