Spring: wellness tips to prepare for the change of season

Spring: wellness tips to prepare for the change of season

Let's get ready for the season that awakens the senses, gives a new vital boost and regenerates body and mind


  • Spring: the psychophysical awakening
  • 5 tips to prepare for spring
    • Dance and love your body
    • Indulge in dedicated skin care
    • Stay in the heart
    • Helping others
    • Sport, isometry and breathing
  • Spring is coming: things not to do

Spring: the psychophysical awakening

This season welcomes a series of symptoms often associated with allergies and bodily awakenings of various kinds. A real transition, in the sun you feel good and in the shade you risk letting the sweat dry in a counterproductive way. The mind opens up to new perspectives and the body begins to discover itself. The smell of summer arrives and this phase provides excellent moments, walks and colors. This awakening is accompanied by an increased production of cortisol; the days are longer and you may feel more tired.

Nervousness could impair digestion and sleep, but these are all aspects of a major awakening that affects the whole body. Taking care of hair, skin, observing and watching all the changes that occur in the body, changing something in the aesthetic aspect, finding new habits. When you wake up you are sometimes accompanied by tiredness and allergies, but often by introducing new foods and integrating vitamins, as well as by dedicating yourself to sports, everything improves.

5 tips to prepare for spring

Let's see together 5 useful tips to prepare for spring in the best way:

Dance and love your body

Spring means rebirth, sweeping away confusion and pain, or rather, entering it totally to come out strengthened. A great way to release tension: dance. Even without technique, just following the rhythm, even without following a precise style. Look in the mirror, caress yourself, look for sensual and soft movements. Sometimes even dancing without music leads to magnificent interior places.

Indulge in dedicated skin care

The skin, a very large organ, is an indicator of well-being. Try to take care of the skin, for example through facial massages, slow techniques that soften and hydrate the whole body. Be sure to drink and hydrate properly and green light to purifying herbal teas. Relax and treat yourself to some massage. Attention also to thoughts and emotions: the skin tells you about the connections you want to keep active with others and about those that should be "pruned".

Stay in the heart

The moment turns out to be important to be with one's loneliness, perhaps in the sun. You begin to feel that your strength also lies in silence, in walks, in lying on a lawn and resting. Dedicate yourself to reading, begin to really read inside. Remember that the heart opens that which is bright in our essence, even though it is in the dark under the chest. Try to be in contact with your unconditional energy of love. Talk to each other aloud and maybe even in the mirror, look for the deep connection with what lives in your heart.

Helping others

Believe it or not, helping the people around us gives us greater self-esteem and helps us to put precious energy into circulation. Look around you, look for answers even in coincidences, and if you feel that you can be of help to someone, come forward. You can also give a silent gift and only then reveal yourself. Give way to your creative spirit to set in motion for others. This generates an important and solid rebirth. If, on the contrary, you feel that you have really given a lot to others, do an analysis and try to start giving to yourself or at least create a balanced change.

Sport, isometry and breathing

Take the time to walk, discover new paths, be it trekking or simple walks. Look for new training protocols, make your body agile, lean, toned. Also try your hand at new sports or disciplines. If you also want to strengthen the body in a simple way, you can resort to isometry. Also take time to discover new breathing techniques: explore the abdominal, thoracic, clavicular. Try to feel that the breath is the key to life.

Spring is coming: things not to do

First of all, pay attention to the airways: if you have sweated with sports or walks, try to cover your throat, do not get cold. Try not to load the body too much with too elaborate foods, it would be preferable to have a light diet, not too caloric. Choose alkaline foods, vegetables and vegetable proteins and which are preferably in season. Beware of fast diets in view of the summer, they are very harmful. Do not drastically reduce your calorie intake, try to do a gradual procedure so as not to tire the muscles and internal organs or find yourself with skin blemishes. Take your time to plan and try to figure out how you can resist what is bad for you or replace it by integrating nutritious foods.

Also avoid worrying if you feel tired. Don't be alarmed, you risk getting worse and going from tiredness to an anxious state. If your mood is also affected, try to keep a calm and soft attitude, don't get anxious. A slight melancholy is part of the change of season. Close your eyes and broaden your smile. Look in the mirror and love yourself: the best way to welcome summer but above all to experience spring.

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