Stamina, the last frontier of yoga: lose weight and relax

Stamina, the last frontier of yoga: lose weight and relax

Do you want to have energy, toned muscles and lose weight? Yoga Stamina is for you. Here's how it differs from classic yoga.

Even yoga, a centuries-old discipline, over time takes on new characteristics and different ways of practicing it arise: the last frontier of yoga is Yoga Stamina, capable of relaxing, strengthening the muscles and burning calories.

Yoga Stamina for weight loss
There is a lot of talk about the fact that yoga is useful or not for losing weight, to be questioned is the calorie expenditure. With Yoga Stamina it is calculated that in a lesson of an hour and a quarter, the calories burned are approximately 500-600, which is why it is believed to be suitable for those who want to lose weight.

Yoga Stamina to regain energy
The name of this practice speaks volumes about the objectives of this yoga: in fact stamina means endurance, vigor, strength. Stamina was born as a rib of True Power Yoga with the aim of making practitioners find even more vitality and energy. The positions are the same, the way they are made changes. First of all there is a precise progression that must be respected: it always starts with a deep breathing that acts on the lungs and on the diaphragm, then we proceed by preparing the body for practice, working on relaxation of the body, unlocking the pelvis, area in which energy is believed to reside, and the spine, the channel through which energy flows.

Yoga Stamina for more strength
Another fundamental aspect is to adapt the intensity of the practice to the skills, characteristics and possibilities of each practitioner. The result is to have a personalized practice aimed at freeing one's energy potential and at the same time, by maintaining the yoga positions, the muscles are strengthened and the tensions are released. In this way the body from time to time becomes more toned and strong, improves blood microcirculation and increases the oxygenation of tissues and cells. Not only that, with the regular practice of Yoga Stamina we get rid of what weighs us down by starting a process of physical and mental detoxification. No wonder, therefore, if it can fight stress more easily and keep diseases away.

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