Standard time is back: here's how to prepare for the cold season

Standard time is back: here's how to prepare for the cold season

Standard time is about to return: here's how to prepare for the arrival of the cold season, between shorter days and lack of light

Standard time is back and the time has come to prepare for the cold season. On the night between Saturday 28 October and Sunday 29 October, the clock hands will have to be moved again to accommodate the solar time and to greet the summer time that has kept us company to date. This will allow us to sleep a little more, finally recovering the hour we had "lost" at the end of March.

The change of hours, like every year, also marks the arrival of winter, thanks to the early darkness. The days get shorter, we spend much more time at home and people begin to experience a sense of melancholy and unease, especially coinciding with the introduction of the summer time. It is in fact a delicate period of transition, in which it is important to take care of your body and mental well-being.

First, it will be necessary to readjust the rhythm of sleep to the new time. It will certainly be less traumatic, because we will still have an extra hour to sleep. However, try not to go to bed too late and fall asleep as soon as you feel the first sleepiness, without checking the clock. In the same way, when you wake up you slow down the rhythm, take some time for yourself: replace the hateful trill of the alarm clock with a rather discreet light, dress calmly, have breakfast sitting at the table with something you like.

What makes us sadder and more depressed in winter is the lack of light. So try to take advantage of all the hours of light you have available. If the temperatures are still mild, take a nice walk around lunchtime or take advantage of it to do some outdoor sports, to release endorphins and find a smile again. Do not give up some pampering, giving yourself a little relaxation in view of winter. Does changing the time make you nervous? Book a massage or a session at the hairdresser, otherwise cut yourself half an hour in the bathroom of your home for a beauty ritual.

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