Stars and stripes: from the catwalks to our closet

Stars and stripes: from the catwalks to our closet

Inspired by the American flag and worn with determination: let's see the stars and stripes trend together

We have seen it slide on the catwalks, in particular on that of Tommy Hilfiger: the stars and stripes trend is going great! Never mind patriotism: here is a question of lines, shapes and colors that go well together and white, blue and red combined are super! Without having to buy a fashion show, we can also give ourselves an American girl look. Let's see some ideas to inspire us!

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Stars and stripes: the catwalks

Here is a shot from the Tommy Hilfiger catwalk for spring / summer 2018. Her show was a riot of red, stars, blue and stripes declined in every way, in true American beauty version.

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Stars and stripes: the accessory

The most comfortable way to wear this trend. Just a scarf, a pin, a hat and you're done. The only things you need to pay attention to are the colors to which you match your stars and stripes: it is a fantasy that is already rich in its own, so it will be fine to wear plain clothes, preferably white or denim. Avoid any other color, otherwise you risk falling into kitsch.

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Stars and stripes: the total look

Dedicated to the most experienced or those who feel American inside! You can combine a striped skirt with a star shirt, mixing the colors but keeping a basic theme, for example: white and red stripes, dark background with white pattern, as in the photo below. I recommend you: always neutral, nude, black or metal accessories.

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Stars and stripes: the shoe

For me, the simplest way to wear this fantasy! Get creative with a sneaker in stars and stripes or decorate it yourself. You will make it unique and for sure it will be the effect detail in your look. Important: just because the effect detail, avoid wearing garish clothes. A super basic jeans and a white tank top or shirt will be more than perfect.

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