Stash dad for the second time, Giulia is pregnant: the announcement on Instagram

Stash dad for the second time, Giulia is pregnant: the announcement on Instagram

Stash of The Kolors and judge of “Amici” announced on Instagram the pregnancy of Giulia Belmonte: he will be a father for the second time

Vip moms and dads of 2022

Vip moms and dads of 2022

Stash of The Kolors gave a sweet announcement on Instagram: he will be a dad for the second time, together with his partner Giulia Belmonte. “It’s a new emotion”, the singer said to Verissimo’s microphones after the birth of his first daughter, little Grace, and now the singer is preparing to relive her again. The family grows and with it the love of a young man who has understood how special it is to be a father.

Stash dad for the second time, the announcement on Instagram

Stash’s joy on Instagram is irrepressible, just like in December 2020, when he announced to the world (again via social media) that his partner Giulia Belmonte was expecting their first child. This time the emotion is not far behind and the singer has decided to give the happy announcement with a very special post.

In the shot shared on Instagram you can see his acoustic guitar and there, between the strings, the ultrasound appears which certifies the most beautiful thing a young copy can hope for: the family expands and Stash, Giulia and little Grace (who today is one year old) are preparing to welcome a new baby. It’s still too early to know their gender and The Kolors frontman hasn’t gone too far in this regard. The only purpose is, as with any parent, that the baby is fine and that the pregnancy goes the right way.

The words accompanying the poetic shot in black and white complete the meaning of the post in the sweetest way: “And then you come … to multiply everything I feel and live. To enlarge the spaces of the soul. To create new melodies. We already hear you … and we can’t wait to hug you! Thank you for this other miracle! ”. A miracle, yes. A new music that is preparing to resonate in the hearts of these two young and enthusiastic parents.

Stash and Giulia Belmonte, happy (and super in love) parents

In addition to beautiful voice and talent, the singer of The Kolors – who became famous in Amici and today a beloved judge of Maria De Filippi’s talent – we must recognize the ability to express one’s emotions in a pure and simple way. Few words, but always felt from the bottom of the heart. And it is not difficult to think how (also) this peculiarity has made the beautiful Giulia Belmonte fall in love, with whom they have now had a beautiful love story for some time.

A great love, from which the eldest daughter Grace was born, an event that changed their lives forever, filling them with indescribable joy. Unforgettable the words that Stash spent on Instagram at the news of this first pregnancy: “This is certainly the most beautiful music I have ever created – he wrote on that occasion – like every extraordinary thing that has happened to me in my life, it comes like this, suddenly! And I think all you have to do in these moments is trust your instincts and dive into a new chapter of your life. (…) From today a new me begins, from today everything takes on a different meaning because I know that you will be there! “.

Stash dad bis, best wishes from friends and VIPs

Like any self-respecting happy announcement on Instagram, it was not long in coming a shower of good wishes from the fans of Stash and The Kolors, but also from friends and VIPs linked to the singer. Many hearts as a sign of affection from the “colleague” Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Lorella Cuccarini, together with him at the Evening of Friends (from which, among other things, he had to be absent due to Covid), but also by Enrico Nigiotti, Valeria Graci and Giulia Pauselli, who wrote very sweet words: “Now I also understand what true love is! Happy birthday to you two parents, how wonderful “.

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