Stash, the first photo with his daughter Grace: "I hope to always be your certainty"

Stash e la figlia Grace

Stash posted on Instagram the first photo with his little Grace, accompanying the shot with sweet words

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A very sweet photo that portrays Stash with his baby in his arms: the singer of The Kolors and former teacher of Amici has recently become the father of Grace, born from love with his partner Giulia Belmonte.

The shot, shared on his profile, collected lots of likes and comments from fans and friends. To accompany the post a sentence to melt the heart: "I hope to always be your certainty … As you are to me". And among the comments stands out that of his Giulia, who wrote: "You, my certainty!".

The couple, from the first moment, despite the confidentiality that has always distinguished them, showed great enthusiasm for the arrival of their baby, shared with the countless fans of the singer.

"Grace was born and she is the most beautiful thing in the world," Stash wrote on Instagram on the day of her birth. And then the many videos and posts before his arrival, filled with love: "We're almost there now … you're about to arrive! – he had written next to the shot in which he smiled, stroking the belly of his companion Giulia -. And from the moment I felt you pulsing I decided that you will be the center of everything … you were 6 millimeters when we first saw you, but you were immediately the greatest thing of my life! I will try to make you find a world out here full of love for you. I'll succeed! We are waiting for you!".

Interviewed by Silvia Toffanin to Verissimo, Stash had told the experience of fatherhood: "It's very strange, it's a new emotion". On that occasion also Giulia, who smiling and beautiful, said: "I'm in a whirlwind of emotions that I can't even explain". Then he added that Stash is a “ten” dad who sings songs to his little girl during the day.

A love story, the one between the two, that began three years ago and kept away from the spotlight. In fact, the couple only came out last spring, only to announce the pregnancy during an episode of the show Amici Speciali.

"Right now I'm sure that until today the most beautiful thing is her – he confessed to Toffanin – I feel ready to live this life in support of Grace".

Stash with daughter Grace

Stash with daughter Grace

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