Steam cooking: mistakes not to be made for an excellent result

Steam cooking: mistakes not to be made for an excellent result

When choosing a steam cooking we must be careful not to make some mistakes to obtain an excellent result.

Between cooking methods healthier we find undoubtedly that steam powered. An easy way to cook a little of everything, but mostly vegetables, meat, and of course fish.

steaming errors

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Ideal for anyone who is a diet or if you want to stay light, steam cooking will allow us to savor the true taste of food, also because no condiments are added while the food is cooking but only at the end, once we serve the dish.

Although many think that the Steaming being simple to do can still hide some pitfalls. So let’s find out what the mistakes not to do to perform it at its best.

Here are the mistakes you shouldn’t make with steaming

There are various methods of steaming food. In addition to the classic basket to put on a pot of water, which can be either in steel, bamboo or silicone, there are also the classic electric steamers.

steaming errors

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There are many of this kind of instruments on the market and it is all about choosing the one that best suits your needs. You can choose a smaller one if you are cooking for one or two people, up to a maximum of three, with a couple of baskets and a total capacity ranging from 3 to 5 liters, up to the large ones with 3 baskets. with a capacity ranging from 9 to 11 liters.

In addition to these two dimensions, there are also middle ways, so the purchase of an electric steamer will have to orient yourself based on the amount of people you need to cook for.

Finally, among the steam cooking methods, thanks to the latest technologies, it is also possible to use kitchen robots that have this function, or microwave ovens and built-in ovens with the steam cooking function.

If you opt for an electric steamer, even based on the more or less advanced model, you can count on pre-set programs that will dictate the times. But if you don’t have such tools at your disposal, how do you do the steaming without errors?

If to steam cook we have simple perforated or bamboo baskets we will have to proceed with another pot from position under them. So let’s see what the mistakes not to make.

1) Don’t add too much water. The water we are going to put in the large pot must not be excessive. The right amount must be attested under the basket where we are going to place the food. The water therefore must not overflow upstairs otherwise the food will get wet and the effect will no longer be that of steam cooking.

2) Do not put too much food on the basket. If we exaggerate with the quantities of food placed above the basket, we will end up cooking our food badly and above all unevenly. Some will be overcooked and therefore mushy, while others may remain half raw.

3) Divide the foods. If we have to cook vegetables and fish, the advice is to make a first round only with vegetables, and a second round only with fish, otherwise we risk mixing the flavors. Or if we want to cook everything together, the solution is to put more baskets, in this case we can cook everything, stacking the various baskets.

4) Making pieces all the same size. It is important to cut the pieces all the same size or thickness so that they can cook evenly.

5) Lower the heat when the water comes to a boil. We put the pot with the water and the basket on top of it on the fire and we cover it until it comes to a boil. At that point we will have to put the food on the basket and cover while lowering the heat, otherwise the water could evaporate before the food is cooked.

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