Steam diet: halve the calories and deflate

Steam diet: halve the calories and deflate

With the steamed diet you burn fat without giving up the foods you love most, using a super light cooking method

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The steam diet is highly effective for losing weight, halving the calories of food and deflating the belly.

Food cooking is a fundamental aspect that we must not ignore when we are on a diet. Not only does this process give foods a different taste, it increases or decreases the calories we take. Among the types of cooking the healthiest one is steamed, because it allows you to preserve and enhance all the properties and taste of food, cutting calories.

Let's take a practical example: 100 grams of fried potatoes contain 200 calories, if we decide to roast them we will take about 150 calories, while boiled they have 71 calories. If we cook the same quantity of steamed potatoes, the total calories will be only 45.

Steam cooking is therefore healthy, light and allows you to create tasty dishes. How is it done? The food is placed in a perforated basket and cooked thanks to the steam created by the water found in the pot below. Absorbs moisture but does not yield nutritional or taste. For this reason, to make tasty dishes it is not necessary to add seasoning, but only a few spices and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

The steam (or steam) diet takes advantage of this super light but tasty cooking method. How is it done? You can choose the classic bamboo steamer that is used in Asian cuisine or opt for the electric one. Alternatively, we recommend placing a perforated steel basket over a boiling pot of water. In any case, the food must never come into contact with water, which must be sufficient to guarantee cooking.

To make the recipes even tastier, the water can be flavored by adding aromatic herbs or spices. What foods do you prepare with the steamer? First of all the vegetables, from asparagus to courgettes, passing through broccoli, beans, carrots, artichokes and fennel. Fish and chicken are also excellent, to accompany vegetables.

The day of the steamed diet begins with a low-fat yogurt and a cup of green tea. At lunch enjoy a slice of salmon with steamed Brussels sprouts, while at dinner opt for steamed chicken breast with zucchini and carrots.

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