Stefania Orlando, after the GF Vip in crisis with her husband

Stefania Orlando

Stefania Orlando admitted to having experienced a strong moment of crisis, even in marriage, after having left the Big Brother Vip

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

Even before her success at the last edition of Tale and Which Show, Stefania Orlando was among the protagonists of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip. Thanks to her participation in the reality show, which lasted about six months, she managed to win the affection of many supporters. However, there were many difficulties he faced once he left the most spied on house in Italy.

Stefania Orlando, the moment of crisis after the GF Vip

Of Big Brother Vip, Stefania Orlando was a real protagonist. Entering the first week and leaving only once she reached the final, she attracted attention with her strong personality, with the deep friendships she managed to forge and even with some firefights.

After six months of imprisonment in the most spied on house in Italy, however, returning to normality was not at all easy and, on the contrary, she also faced strong moments of crisis that put her marriage to Simone Gianlorenzi to a severe test. To confirm this, she, who declared to the weekly Chi:

Outside the reality show I had a not indifferent existential crisis, the return to normality destroyed me. And even with my husband, once I was out, it wasn’t easy.

Stefania Orlando, how she overcame the crisis after the GF Vip

Fortunately, the crisis is now only a memory. And the credit goes to her husband, Simone, who has shown great patience. Orlando, in fact, took all the responsibility and admitted that the dark moment was mainly hers and it was only she who changed:

It took me a long time – he admits – I recently came back to me. Simone was an angel. He was there, he knew how to wait and he never pressed the accelerator. And I, getting lost, I found myself.

Their secret to rediscover the complicity they had before the GF Vip was mainly the dialogue. Speaking they managed not to get lost and to safeguard the deep love, which just during the reality show had become evident. Today, thanks to Simone’s patience, they are back to being the solid couple they once were and their feeling is stronger than ever.

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