Stefania Orlando and the alleged crisis with Simone, her husband clarifies

Stefania Orlando and the alleged crisis with Simone, her husband clarifies

Fans question the couple fearing a breakup between the two, so Simone took to Twitter to clarify

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

For a few hours the world of the web has been whispering about an alleged crisis between Stefania Orlando and her husband Simone, who always appeared to be very close even during the forced distance due to her presence at GF Vip. Orlando participated brilliantly in the reality show, finishing the race in third place. Now that the spotlight has remained on his character, his private life is also often plumbed and the object of particular attention.

On Twitter, for example, the news of an alleged quarrel between Stefania and her husband Simone Gianlorenzi spread like wildfire, even if it is not possible to trace the source from which all this tam tam would have started. The rumors, however, have alarmed Stefania's fans, especially following the silence on the social networks of those directly involved, which appeared suspicious and rather prolonged.

The question, however, must have reached the ears of Simone, who spoke publicly – always on Twitter – precisely to clarify the question:

I would like to reassure you that Queen never ran away from home, we never fought, we are together and right now we are working on the song that, I hope, will brighten and lighten your summer! Are you ready?

Stefania Orlando's husband was therefore particularly keen to dot the i's: no quarrel, much less no dramatic escape by the former GF competitor. On the other hand, a nice musical novelty has been announced. We will soon have Stefania's new single which will probably compete to become the new social phenomenon of summer 2021.

Simone Gianlorenzi clarifies on Twitter

Simone and Stefania got married in 2019, following a long engagement that lasted eleven years. After a brief marriage with Andrea Roncato (of whom we have returned to talk due to the squabbles generated by the GF Vip), the showgirl seems to have found serenity next to Simone, he is a professional musician who has always remained far from the world of television but not for this he spared himself from publicly defending his partner against the media attacks that arrived during the GF Vip.

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