Stefano De Martino moves and leaves the house where he lived with Belen Rodriguez

Stefano De Martino moves and leaves the house where he lived with Belen Rodriguez

Stefano De Martino leaves the house where he lived with Belen Rodriguez and moves: the return of the flame fades

Stefano De Martino moves and leaves the house he shared with Belen Rodriguez for good. A gesture that marks the end of the love story and that seems to exclude a flashback between the two. Back in Milan after the holidays spent between Naples and Ibiza, the leader of Made in Sud now seems determined to turn the page. On Instagram, the former Amici dancer recounted the move to a new apartment, showing the packed furniture and a space in which he will live alone.

Thus the possibility of a flashback with Belen fades after a summer marked by gossip. According to the weekly Chi it would have been Stefano who left his wife at the end of the lockdown, annoyed by his behavior. The conductor would later change his mind, but all his attempts to win back Rodriguez would have failed. In recent weeks, not surprisingly, the showgirl has experienced numerous flirtations. The first with Gianmaria Antinolfi with whom she had been paparazzi in Capri, between kisses and tenderness, the second with Antonio Spinalbese, a 25-year-old hairstylist who would fly to Ibiza for her. However, the latter too seems to have disappeared from the model's circle of friends.

“Belen loves to have fun without caring what others may think while Stefano is more prudent – said the weekly -. Stefano is someone who plans, Belen lives day by day, Stefano is rational, Belen is instinctive. Stefano wants to break away from the gossip, Belen is grateful for this aspect of his work ".

“After leaving it, perhaps hastily, due to differences related to lifestyles, Stefano had an afterthought – read Chi -. He understood that perhaps, even with their differences, he and Belen are destined to be together. But now Rodriguez has taken its own path and is not ready to reopen the Stefano chapter ”.

While Stefano has returned to Milan, where he is organizing the transfer, Belen is still in Capri with his sister. Cecilia, too, after breaking up with Ignazio Moser, is trying to go on and forget, but for many, at least for her, there would still be the possibility of a flashback.

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