Stefano De Martino shows the black eye on Instagram. Not a word on Belen Rodriguez

Stefano De Martino shows the hematoma on the eye and reveals the cause of the accident on Instagram: a head of his son Santiago

Stefano De Martino showed a black eye in Instagram Stories. Fortunately, nothing serious, only a purple hematoma on the upper arch resulting from a small domestic accident.

To explain the incident is the same dancer in the ironic video shared precisely on Instagram. The cause of the black eye is a head of his son Santiago who perhaps let himself go with some too lively games. But if he doesn't let off steam with his dad, who can he do it with? Et voilà De Martino remedies a bruise on the eyelid.

"My son was born on April 9, so he is from Aries. They say that those born under the sign of Aries have a particularly hard head. I always thought it was a false myth, honestly. And instead…". And the zoom focuses on the bruised eye.

In the meantime, Stefano takes advantage of this to remind that the appointment with Made in Sud is postponed to Thursday 25 June. A change of schedule – usually the program airs Tuesdays – to avoid overlap with football.

De Martino is having a great success from a professional point of view. Made in Sud has achieved excellent ratings and he is highly appreciated in the role of presenter.

Sweet and career dad, so everything would be booming if it weren't for the marriage crisis with Belen Rodriguez who is becoming the catchphrase of the summer.

If the showgirl vented herself on the pages of Chi claiming that she no longer has time for those who do not act with the heart and stressing that she has never disappointed anyone, Stefano De Martino prefers to keep quiet about the affair.

Not even Mara Venier on Sunday In managed to unpick him some details on the separation. The dancer glossed over the question by stating that in fact he closed with the women: “By now I reject them. I am an atheist, that of women is a religion that I no longer practice ".

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