Stefano De Martino talks about the crisis with Belen Rodriguez: "Things must be kept within the walls of the house"

Stefano De Martino parla della crisi con Belen Rodriguez: “Le cose vanno tenute tra le mura di casa”

Stefano De Martino talks about the crisis with Belen Rodriguez and reveals what he thinks of what is happening

Stefano De Martino intervenes on the crisis with Belen Rodriguez and returns to speak, albeit briefly, about the difficult moment his family is experiencing. Amici's former dancer is finally back on TV with Made In Sud, but if the work is going well, the same cannot be said of private life. After the flashback and an idyllic period, it seems that new frictions have emerged between him and Belen, so as to push them to separate once again.

To confirm the sentimental problems, now several weeks ago, it was Belen, who had appeared in a proven and sad Instagram video, overwhelmed by gossip on the crisis and on an alleged meeting with the ex Andrea Iannone, while her husband was in Naples to record the Made In Sud episodes. Rodriguez had defended herself, admitting that she was having a difficult time and seeking comfort from Instagram followers. In the last few days several hypotheses have been made regarding the crisis between Belen and Stefano. There has been talk of betrayals, of a dispute, felt by all the tenants of the building in which they live, of De Martino's impatience towards his wife's family, of differences regarding economic issues and the education of his son Santiago.

Both the Argentine showgirl and the host did not comment. On the pages of the Corriere della Sera, however, Stefano reiterated his willingness to solve the problems of couple with Belen within the walls of the house and not on social networks, showing a certain impatience regarding the continuous rumors about his marriage. "I made peace with this thing – he explained referring to gossip – is a direct consequence of this exposure. But you have to make peace and be calm, live with it peacefully, be careful of bad information on the web where you read atrocious things. The solution is to ignore. I don't want to talk about it – he concluded -, not out of respect, but out of maturity. Things must be kept within the walls of your home. I prefer to talk only about work, to get people used to a sort of discretion ".

In the meantime, Belen has taken away the faith and, surrounded by the affection of her family and friends (Mattia Ferrari first), she is trying to face this complicated moment. And now that Made In Sud is back on the air again, fans are hoping that she and Stefano can finally clear up.

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