Stefano De Martino, the photo as a child on Instagram is very tender

Stefano De Martino, the photo as a child on Instagram is very tender

Stefano De Martino has decided to share with his fans a very sweet photo that portrays him as a child

Belen and Stefano De Martino, the story of a love still at the end of the line

He is a child with a mischievous look and the smile of someone who knows he has made a few pranks: Stefano De Martino wanted to take a dip in the past, posting a photo of him as a child on Instagram that immediately conquered all the fans. Impossible to remain impassive in front of that sweet little face.

"Hello friends, the me of the future awaits you tonight on Rai2 for the latest episode of 'Tonight everything is possible', you will easily recognize him as he is the only one with a tie. Greetings and kisses from the 90s "- wrote Stefano De Martino captioning the very tender photo, thus recalling the appointment with the final of his show which aired in the past few hours. Now consolidated in his role as host, the former Amici dancer has become one of the most beloved faces of Italian TV. And the last season of Tonight everything is possible turned out to be once again a great success, just like the previous one.

The tender shot that De Martino posted on Instagram thrilled his many fans: many noticed the amazing resemblance to Santiago, the son that Stefano had almost 8 years ago from his relationship with Belen Rodriguez. The two are just two drops of water: the same sly smile, the same elongated eyes. The only difference is the haircut. If Santiago has always had a lovely bob, his dad as a child apparently loved a crew cut.

This, for Stefano De Martino, was yet another return to the past. In recent weeks, he has repeatedly allowed himself to peek into old family albums to share some photos from his childhood online, showing his sweetest and most nostalgic side. But the dancer has also shown that his feet are firmly on the ground and his gaze is always fixed on the future – especially on the working front.

In addition to Tonight everything is possible, in fact, Stefano is currently engaged as a permanent member of the jury of the Serale di Amici 2021, almost a return to origins – in Maria De Filippi's school, 12 years ago, he had taken his first steps in world of television. As for his private life, De Martino continues to be very reserved: after the end of his story with Belen, who only last year seemed to have finally mended himself, he kept the utmost confidentiality. And even if someone talks about a possible flashback with Emma Marrone, he has decided not to go public.

Stefano De Martino, the photo as a child

Stefano De Martino as a child, the photo on Instagram

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