Stefano De Martino triumphs on TV and Belen Rodriguez kisses Gianmaria Antinolfi

Stefano De Martino triumphs on TV and Belen Rodriguez kisses Gianmaria Antinolfi

Stefano De Martino is a record with his Made in Sud. While his ex Belen Rodriguez consoles himself in the arms of the fashion manager Gianmaria Antinolfi

While Stefano De Martino triumphs on TV with Made in Sud, Belen Rodriguez exchanges fiery kisses with the fashion manager Gianmaria Antinolfi in Capri. The couple spent a long weekend between Naples and Capri, during which he first celebrated Antinolfi's birthday, and then allowed himself a night of singing and dancing at the "Anema e core" of Capri. Until the grand finale, the kisses in the garden of the villa that they rented to celebrate the beginning of their story.

The new summer couple was surprised by the Chi magazine, confirming Dagospia's advances. So while Belen forgets her ex-husband after so many yearnings and alleged boyfriends in Gianmaria's arms, Stefano De Martino is a record-breaking one. Its broadcast, Made in Sud, even beats Canale 5 in terms of share. With 1 million 577 thousand viewers, it is the second most watched program in prime time. Despite the change of evening, the show of the dancer and presenter grows in listening and he consecrates himself as one of the most loved faces of television and also of social media.

On a private level Stefano has never wanted to talk about Belen and what has happened between them, although alleged flirtations have all been attributed to him for other denials. Whoever seems to have found love and consolation is his ex.

The love story was highlighted by the weekly magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, publishing photos of two dinners in Milan featuring Belen and Antinolfi, escorted by Belen's inseparable friend, Mattia Ferrari, art director and emerging fashion name who acted as a "Cupid": seeing the showgirl torn down by the end of the relationship with De Martino, she thought that Antinolfi was the right person to make her smile again. And so he brought them together with the "excuse" of some projects together in the fashion field. At the beginning Belen did not even know if Antinolfi was engaged (Dago always reports the news of recent kisses between Gianmaria and Dayane Mello). Then the two began to feel, she took a few weekends on Lake Como with her family and son Santiago, and it seems that Antinolfi went to visit her in secret. Then came the invitation for the birthday party in Naples and the weekend in Capri. Thus was born the escalation of passion.

So the magazine rebuilds the fateful weekend. It all started on Thursday evening in Naples, with a dinner at the Altro Coco Loco restaurant and the return to the hotel, the Excelsior. On Friday evening Gianmaria's birthday party at the Rari Nantes private club, where the couple introduced themselves to the friends of the birthday boy. At a certain point, the showgirl and Antinolfi, heated, set aside in the private room, to relax a little before cutting the cake.

On Saturday Belen, Antinolfi, with Jeremais Rodriguez and Mattia Ferrari, headed for Capri, after an aperitif on a yacht (in the same pier where De Martino's boat is moored). And, late in the evening, Belen and Antinolfi revealed themselves to Anema and Core by Guido and Gianluigi Lembo, where they stayed dancing until dawn and where their understanding seemed evident to all present. The following morning, and we are on Sunday, the couple woke up very late, in the villa, took a bath in the pool and then secluded in a corner of the garden, letting go of an overwhelming passion, which we show you in these photos.

It is early to talk about love, for sure there is a lot of transport and a strong mutual interest. Belen wanted to react to a difficult period. "I know I'm bulky, I'm not the girl who always says yes, but I like to take a step back, I do it for love," he said to Chi. Antinolfi started off on the right foot, we will see if theirs will be a summer dance or something more lasting.

Belen Gianmaria Antinolfi

Belen and Gianmaria Antinolfi – Source: Chi press office

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