Stefano De Martino, when he was the shadow of Belen: the confession

Stefano De Martino e Belen Rodriguez

Stefano De Martino spoke about Belen Rodriguez during an interview granted to Repubblica: when she was the shadow of the showgirl

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

No, it is not easy to be in the shadow of one’s girlfriend, partner, wife. One of the most blatant cases is certainly that of Stefano De Martino, who for years has been “a step behind” compared to Belen Rodriguez. In the interview granted to Repubblica, the dancer talked about himself in the round, talking about the new program arriving in the late evening on Rai Due, Bar Stella, whose name has a special meaning: this was also the name of the grandfather’s bar, which today no longer exists. Going back in time, however, Stefano let himself go to some confidences, in particular about the ex.

Stefano De Martino talks about Belen Rodriguez

We can define it as an event: De Martino did not often talk about the link with Rodriguez. In fact, he kept secrecy regarding the breakup and other aspects, particularly to protect Santiago. It must be said that the dancer, in recent years, has been working hard to break away from their relationship. Because in the past he found himself to be the shadow of Belen. Belen’s boyfriend. Belen’s husband.

Taking off a label is not easy, it takes commitment, effort, and even patience. “Labels detract by definition. I’ve always believed in what I wanted to do. At 23, for the kind of ambition I had, it was disheartening to think that I was just someone else’s shadow. I wanted to show that there was more. But maybe in those years I didn’t communicate much else, and having been only Mr. Belen was there. Maybe I would have defined myself that way too “.

The commitment to work and the dream of Sanremo

De Martino has always taken his work seriously, ever since the school of Amici di Maria De Filippi. On that occasion he had the opportunity to learn essential concepts, such as teamwork and dedication. “The germ of television was transmitted to me by Maria De Filippi,” he admitted to Repubblica. His new “romantic” show Bar Stella, which is scheduled to air on December 28, 2021, is the right opportunity to get involved.

De Martino’s career in Rai is really promising. Hard work always pays off and, to tell the truth, he doesn’t miss a dream: to participate in Sanremo. However, he only wants to do this when he has reached the maturity required to do a great job. “You have to get there with a few white hairs, it’s the crowning glory of a career. I do not set the Festival as my goal, it is an honorary degree. I hope to earn it “. Wise words, which show all the beauty of his professional and personal path.

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