Stefano D'Orazio, Canzian's pain: "I am devastated, Covid takes everything away"


The pain of Red Canzian (and of the other Poohs) for the death of Stefano D'Orazio. “I am devastated: The speed was disarming, the death painful and the covid made everything cruel. With his death everything freezes "

Stefano D'Orazio, the moving memory of the VIPs

"I would like, I would like to rewind the tape a bit, For those who don't know about our time there. For me, for us, for you who no longer travel. With me, with us … "(" Band in the wind, Pooh). Who knows how much tape of their life, of their history, Roby, Dodi and Red would like to rewind in this moment. Shocked, astonished, still incredulous for the quick and sudden death of their friend and life partner Stefano D'Orazio, killed by Covid in just over a week.

Roby does not have the strength to speak or give interviews, Dodi says on the phone "I feel a pain that will never go away: every time I see him on TV or I see a white jaguar like his parked, the wound will continue to burn".

The most willing to talk, to talk about it is Red Canzian, one of his best friends, literally destroyed by grief. He told Adnkronos:

I am devastated. Stefano was very close to me, and I was very close to him. I find what we are experiencing absurd. The speed was disarming, the painful death and the covid made everything cruel, it took away the possibility of being with him, of being close to him, of holding his hand. It is a pejorative to an already absurd pain. It's a bastard disease, adding cruelty to pain.

It's normal, bass and drums in a band are very related. And then humanly, we had a thousand things in common. We found out a week ago. He went into the hospital with this sudden fever. They told us it was Covid. The virus had already taken his lungs, and then it all crashed.

First Valerio in 2013 (Valerio Negrini, author of most of the lyrics of the Pooh songs, ed), now Stefano, it hurts even more, those who wrote the lyrics have gone away. We were truly 'speechless'. I think that with the end of Stefano everything freezes. And I hope people respect this pain

Also interviewed by Mario Luzzato Fegiz, del Corriere, he added:

There is only one thing more cruel than death: dying in intensive care. You are alone, naked, time never passes … I tried it when a few years ago they operated on my heart. Upon awakening, as well as my wife and children, I saw Stefano at my side smiling at me behind the mask. His mere presence reassured me. I couldn't reciprocate …

You are never prepared for the death of a friend. Stefano had the ability to laugh even in the most difficult situations. He suffered from minor inflammations and they treated him with cortisone. And Covid-19 has found fertile ground: in fact, pneumonia, high fever, dialysis for kidney failure have occurred. At 10 pm on Friday the news: Stefano had died after a week of ups and downs. We've been crying for 36 hours

He has been a constant reference for the Poohs. He had a strong thinking, flying high, projected towards the future, an enviable capacity for analysis and synthesis. For him, work was a game. He always knew how to grasp the comic side of situations. Irony was one of his characteristics. A nice person, a great professional

Stefano has been a piece of Italian music history of the last 50 years. But he was also a companion, a brother, a sidekick for Red, Roby and Dodi. And their pain, combined with that of his wife Tiziana, is an unbridgeable abyss.

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