Stefano Sala dad again, Dasha Dereviankina gave birth to Damian

Stefano Sala dad again, Dasha Dereviankina gave birth

In a joyous turn of events, Stefano Sala has welcomed his second child into the world. The former contender from “Big Brother Vip” took to social media to announce the birth of Damian, his newest offspring.

Stefano Sala, now a proud father twice over, celebrated the arrival of Damian, courtesy of his wife, Dasha Dereviankina. Damian joins Stefano’s family, already including Sofia, his daughter from a prior relationship with Dayane Mello.

With wit and humor, Stefano Sala, the former “Big Brother Vip” contestant, playfully quipped on social media, “It was a challenging journey, but fret not, I’m in great spirits. Welcome to the world, dear Damian; we’re already smitten with you.”

Stefano Sala dad again, Dasha is pregnant: the photo with the baby bump

Stefano Sala dad again, Dasha is pregnant

Sala went on to express heartfelt gratitude, saying, “We genuinely extend our thanks to all of you for the beautiful messages, but our deepest appreciation goes to the medical professionals – the doctors, midwives, and nurses who exhibited remarkable kindness, warmth, and professionalism. You are our true heroes.”

The birth of Damian represents the second addition to Stefano Sala and Dasha Dereviankina’s family. Stefano and Dasha, who moved to the quaint town of Gravedona in the Como region, Stefano’s hometown, in the name of love, exuberantly posed for a photograph alongside their newborn.

This Ukrainian model turned Italian resident was all smiles, surrounded by the dedicated medical staff of the Moriggia Pelascini Hospital. Stefano Sala further stated, “It was a challenging journey, but fret not!! I am in great spirits!!!! Welcome, Little DAMIAN; we’re already head over heels for you! We genuinely thank all of you for the beautiful messages!! But in particular, the Doctors, midwives, and nurses who have been super kind, very nice, and incredibly professional. You are my Heroes! Dasha, the best Warrior, I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH.”

Dasha also shared her happiness, saying, “Welcome our little one. Thanks to all the doctors and midwives who were with us tonight. You have done a commendable job! Thank you from the depths of my heart.”

Dasha is pregnant, Stefano dad again: The happiest couple ever

Stefano Sala dad again, Dasha Dereviankina gave birth

The couple had revealed their pregnancy back in February, and Stefano couldn’t contain his immense joy. This model and television personality already had a six-year-old daughter named Sofia, a product of his previous relationship with Dayane Mello. Affectionately referred to as Bubi, Sofia resides with Stefano, Dasha, and their extended family in Gravedona.

Following a stint on Big Brother Vip, Stefano had a brief period of uncertainty, especially in his relationship with Benedetta Mazza. However, after the reality show concluded, they reunited and secretly tied the knot. Stefano confessed, “I confided in her that I had experienced a moment of vulnerability. It was not a questioning of our history, but of myself. I retraced my steps emotionally. Now, I’m certain about what I want and the direction I want my life to take. I yearn to be with her and regain my life.”

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