Stéphanie of Monaco as Carolina: she shows herself without make-up and is not afraid of the passing of time

Stéphanie of Monaco as Carolina: she shows herself without make-up and is not afraid of the passing of time

This time it is the youngest of Grace Kelly's daughters to appear natural: Princess Stéphanie is beautiful even without makeup

Caroline of Monaco, the choice to show gray hair

Time passes and the royal Monegasque sisters are not afraid. First it was the turn of Caroline of Monaco, who at the Principality's National Day showed herself fearless with silver threads in her hair, now Stephanie is giving a style lesson and not being afraid of wrinkles.

During a television link with the Monaco Info channel, on the occasion of World AIDS Day, Princess Stéphanie chose to appear in video without artifice and totally natural.

Stéphanie from Monaco turned 55 on February 1, has three children (Camille Gottlieb, Louis Ducruet and Pauline Ducruet, former diver and now launched into the fashion world as a designer), and two marriages behind her: the first with Daniel Ducruet, ended in 1996, and the second with Adans Lopez Peres, completed in 2004.

The princess has become a style icon since the glorious 80s, when every look of hers occupied the pages of newspapers. Stéphanie kept paparazzi from all over the world busy with her immoderate passion for fashion and denim (since 1986 she personally takes care of her boutique specialized in jeans), and the scandals related to her love life: her first husband was pinched by photograph while he was cheating on her.

Stéphanie, fourteenth in line of succession to the throne of Monaco and younger sister of Caroline and Prince Albert, has been defined for years as the "rebel" of the house. This time the princess decided to appear on TV with her hair gathered up and totally removed, sending a clear and strong message to viewers from all over the world: time passes for everyone, you just need to know how to wear it with style and awareness.

Carolina and Stéphanie are daughters of the unforgettable Grace Kelly, whose elegance and myth are timeless, and despite the passing of time they still manage to capture attention thanks to their grace and their appearance. Always beautiful, the sisters of Munich have evidently chosen to embrace the signs of the time without fighting unnecessarily and without fear, proudly renouncing to use those “double-edged” and often abused weapons, such as scalpels and retouching.

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