Stomach pain and headache after eating ice cream: what to do

Stomach pain and headache after eating ice cream: what to do

Do you feel bloated and have a stomach ache after eating ice cream? It could be lactose intolerance or due to a too fast tasting

Those who know how to give up raise your hand. Who knows how to do without the sensation of freshness, joy for the palate, the possibility of choosing the tastes that best suit, perhaps wisely mixed together? Long live the ice cream, in short, which is not only pleasure but also a real source of nutrients for children and especially for the elderly, who can find proteins, sugars and fats, so much so that there are those who also offer good ice cream as a substitute meal. For some, however, eating a cone, tasting a cup or tasting a granita can create some annoyance. Why?

Beware of lactose and "speed"

Classic ice cream contains milk or cream, found in particular in some types of cream. These components, without prejudice to the large percentage of water that makes up the tasty food, can create some disturbance in those with lactose intolerance problems, sometimes not recognized. In these cases it is not possible to fully or partially digest this natural sugar found in milk and dairy products.

The production of lactase, the enzyme that governs the ability to digest lactose, reaches its peak at birth in preparation for breastfeeding and is reduced after weaning due to the expansion of nutrition. The most frequent symptoms of lactose intolerance are bloating, abdominal pain and swelling, diarrhea, flatulence, nausea and vomiting. But do not do the self-diagnosis, perhaps without reflecting on the fact that before the delicate end of the meal you have consumed large quantities of foods rich in fats and condiments and therefore it is to these that you must refer to explain the symptoms.

Recognizing a real lactose intolerance requires a simple, completely painless check, called the Breath Test, which is the standard test to be offered to those who suspect they are lactose intolerant. The Breath Test involves the administration of a solution with a known dose of lactose and the evaluation on a device of the production of hydrogen by intestinal bacteria. It should be done by suspending the antibiotics fifteen days before the examination and the intake of lactic ferments, laxatives or antidiarrheals at least three days before.

In any case, for those with problems of this type, do not forget that some flavors are prepared without milk and derivatives, such as those with fruit, with the exception of coconut and banana, sorbets made with water and extra chocolate ice cream. dark.

For the rest, the other rule for those who enjoy ice cream is that of slow tasting, almost making the "freshness" of this food melt in the mouth. In short, do not consume it just taken out of the freezer, under the bites of the throat. The reason is simple. There are people who have a particular way of reacting to the ingestion of food, in particular if these are at low temperatures and therefore more capable of triggering a sort of anomalous and completely uncontrollable "response".

It is called the gastro-colic reflex, it mainly affects those suffering from irritable bowel and causes a sort of bowel "movement" when the stomach is stressed. The problem can be particularly present in children.

Finally, again with regard to the digestive system, a tip: choose fruit flavors if you suffer from gallbladder stones, a more frequent problem in women. And above all, do not associate ice cream with coffee for digestion in these cases: chocolate, eggs and cream can also stimulate the activity of the organ and, in unfortunate cases, cause slight colic.

The headache that comes from the cold

Experts call it "Brain Freeze". Somehow we all tried it, especially in front of an ice lolly or a slush, but also with an ice cream just removed from the freezer. You start eating and headaches appear. The phenomenon is linked precisely to the introduction of cold food or drink into the body.

The sudden cold stimulus in fact induces a defensive reaction arises from a sort of wrong perception of the brain itself, which in practice tries to react to the thermal modification. The stimulus that is induced by the sudden thermal drop, "perceived" by the large amount of blood vessels inside the mouth, then sent a kind of "alarm signal" to the nervous system.

Headache almost always starts at the nose and goes up towards the forehead. No fear, it should be remembered: this form of headache, certainly annoying, is however destined to disappear in a very short time. Even the mechanism, obviously in a completely independent way from ice cream or granita which are completely innocent in this sense, could become a study model for the development of new strategies for treating some forms of migraine or for the dreaded cluster headache . It is clear that these are completely different pains and unfortunately still in search of a definitive cure.

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