Stop the tomato sauce that is too liquid. With these tricks you will get the perfect result!

Is tomato sauce always too runny? Here are the tricks that will help you change the final result once and for all.

Making a great tomato sauce isn’t always easy. Despite all good intentions, in fact, it can happen that this is too slow, seeming almost liquid. When this happens, the only solution is to take action to eliminate any underlying problems.

tomato sauce

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And that means putting in place some simple tricks that can make a difference. By following them correctly, you can in fact count on a creamy sauce at the right point and without the risk of it separating after cooking.

The tricks for a tomato sauce that will never be too liquid again

Let’s start by saying that if you make a good sauce starting from suitable tomatoes, getting a good result is really easier. At the same time, the right consistency can be obtained simply by simmering it and following the recipe as best as possible.

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When something goes wrong and the result is too liquid, or to prevent this from happening, there are a couple of tricks that can make a difference. After seeing what the tricks are to be able to count on a mashed potatoes ready in no time, here are the ones you should definitely write down to change the fate of your sauce and enjoy something unique.

Simmer the sauce over low heat

If you realize that the sauce is liquid while it is cooking, the best trick to do is to let it simmer. This means cooking it over a very low heat and so that it slowly withdraws. In fact, by letting all the water evaporate, the sauce will lose all traces of liquid and will appear as creamy as you wish. For the perfect result you will have to decide how long to stop, considering that the more it cooks, the more it will be restricted.

Adding a thickener is one of the tricks for a sauce that is too liquid

If you find yourself short on time and guests are already waiting to be able to enjoy your delicacies, the best option is to add a thickener. Rice starch, in this sense, is the best because it is really thin and able to make your sauce creamier without altering its flavor. To do this, you just need to progress in small quantities. A spoonful should usually be more than enough. But, if you still need it, you can always add it later.

Use butter and flour

If you know the roux sauce you already know what we are talking about. Otherwise you just have to experiment with this delicacy. It all lies in adding butter and flour, mixing carefully until your sauce is creamy at the right point. If so, the flavor will also be different. But for many dishes it could be even better.

These three tricks are what you need most to be able to count on a sauce that will never be liquid again but which on the contrary will turn out to be thick and creamy at the right point. A sauce that you will be more proud to be able to share with friends and family.