Street style of celebrities: jeans and sneakers won together

Street style of celebrities: jeans and sneakers won together

Do you recognize VIPs on the street?

From Hollywood to Cinecittà. from New York to Milan, the street style of the stars (VIPs on the street: do you recognize them?) has some invariable cornerstones. That is: comfortable jeans and shoes, preferably sneakers and ballerinas. Careless of the paparazzi and the lurking fans, the beautiful, when they are not in the spotlight, prefer comfort and comfort, which translates into soft pants, low heels and sweatshirts or super comfortable sweaters.

At a cosasola they do not renounce: the classy detail, usually refined handbag or eyewear. Because we know, "it is the accessory that makes the difference".

Of course, not all are of the same current: Lady Gaga does not give up her excessive and extravagant looks, not even to go down to take milk under the house. Likewise the Hilton sisters are unlikely to be pinched in tutones and flip-flops, unless they are the must-haves of the moment.

Every now and then, however, someone surprises us: Claudia Galanti (these days struggling with an uncomfortable sex tape) always super chich and elegant, was photographed while shopping with her friends in via Montenapoleone in Milan, hear hear, in jeans and flat shoes. Practically an appearance.

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