Stress is contagious – get away from those who cause it

Stress is contagious - get away from those who cause it

Get out of all those situations and get away from people who are causing you stress. You deserve to be peaceful

"You're just a little stressed", a phrase that is repeated almost always when, prey to a thousand commitments and divided between work, family and duties, we burst into an outburst of anger mixed with neurosis and fatigue.

An apparently invisible and underestimated discomfort which, however, halves our energy and enthusiasm that has always characterized our daily life. The truth is that we tend, day after day, to load ourselves with commitments and responsibilities with the inevitable consequence of mental and physical overload.

Stress is one of the most common problems of our times today and guess what? It can be contagious. It is no coincidence that spending time with negative, controversial and in turn stressed people, we suffer that same energy that comes to suffocate us and in the worst case to wear us out inside.

But not only that, many times it is us, with our personal stress and the consequent attitudes that cause unpleasant effects on relationships with friends and partners, triggering discontent and discussions that can be avoided. And this is stress.

Yes, they are right when they tell us that we are stressed, a condition that affects both our emotions and our body, and that inevitably involves those around us. This is why learning to recognize that you are stressed is the first step towards healing the soul.

Very often, it is the situations we fall into and the people we hang out with that fuel our stress. The wrong company, in this case, does nothing but strain even more the soul already tried by the fast and intense rhythms of life we ​​live.

We must first learn how to manage situations that we consider stressful by looking at them from another perspective, without forgetting to carve out our own spaces within which to regenerate body and mind. And again, learn to recognize the negative people who are part of our life to remove them.

There is no need to spend our time with energy vampires, people who literally suck us into their problems by taking possession of our lifeblood; the same one that would help us to face life with more enthusiasm and energy.

In short, if it is true that stress is contagious, for us and for those around us, our task remains to distance ourselves from the people and situations that cause it. Let's do it!

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