Stretching in pregnancy: exercises and tips

Stretching in pregnancy: exercises and tips

Stretching in pregnancy can be very useful for dealing with problems of gestation: here are exercises and tips

During pregnancy, to avoid back problems and prevent typical gestation disorders, it could be useful to practice stretching.

What is stretching in pregnancy

Stretching to be practiced in pregnancy is essentially a "gentle stretching" that serves to stretch and relax all the muscles of the body. To make stretching effective it would be necessary to follow some rules:

  • The movements must always be very sweet and performed effortlessly, with gestures very similar to "stretching". Their goal is to create a stretch and a feeling of light tension, nothing more, so the pregnant woman should not exaggerate and do everything very calmly
  • Each position must be maintained for several seconds to be effective, breathing intensely and with the same tension in the muscles
  • One must never spring or bounce. While stretching, you are still and the muscles stretch, not the other way around
  • Stretching can be forced only if it does not cause pain to the mother and must always be done during the expiration phase
  • Whenever an exercise ends, you should not abandon the position suddenly, but do it in a light and gentle way
  • The effort must never be exaggerated, otherwise you will get the opposite effect and the muscle will perform a contraction to protect itself
  • Stretching in pregnancy: exercises

    • Exercise 1 – The woman lying on the ground with her legs bent with the soles of her feet on the ground. The position should be maintained for 30 seconds to allow the muscles to stretch in the groin area.
    • Exercise 2 – The woman lying on the ground must stretch her arms and legs as far as possible in opposite directions. The position must be maintained for 5 seconds and must not create pain in any way.
    • Exercise 3 – The woman sitting on the ground with her legs spread slightly and her pelvis near the wall to prevent her back arching. The position must be maintained for 30 seconds.
    • Exercise 4 – The woman lying with the pelvis near the wall, the heels resting on the wall, the legs stretched and slightly raised. The position must be maintained for 3 minutes.
    • Exercise 5 – The woman bends her back forming an arch and holding both arms outstretched. The position must be maintained for a few seconds, then exhaling you can lower your back, creating an arch in reverse.
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